Saturday, 9 March 2013


Last night and today we were at a conference. The speakers were from CBM (Children's Bible Ministries) and we think they were absolutely AMAZING!

If you go onto their website (click here) and click the button marked Training, (or just go here) you will find, at the top, under the heading 'Weekend Courses In Local Churches' the thing we went to. Topics covered by the excellent speakers Hugh and Ian were, among others, some of these: Counselling, Presenting the Gospel to Children, How to Make Bible Memorization Fun, Presenting Stories, Teaching Effectively, Prayer with Children.... plus heaps more!

Mum thinks everyone in Christchurch should do their courses.

By the way, 6 of you thought that I would add more quotes to the My Family page. None of you were against that, so, with a unanimous vote, the motion is carried. All those in favour say AYE!

I will post more quotes eventually. I can't really be bothered doing it today, so I won't, but I will do it one of these days. *cringes* Okay, I will make a point of reminding myself and reminding myself and reminding myself until the thing gets done. Is that alright with you?
(It better be.)

By the way, it didn't look like the above picture!!!!!
With that cryptic comment, I must leave you. God bless!


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