Saturday, 16 March 2013

40th post!

Since the 6th of January 2013,

-I hit the blog's 'publish' button 39 times
-I posted 5 posts with 2 words in the title
-I posted 10 posts with 3 words in the title
-I posted 13 posts with 4 words in the title (thought you might be interested in hearing that... don't ask me why...!)
-I posted 5 inspirational stories and poems in the Inspirational Stories and Poems page
-3 of you have followed my blog
-There's been 41 published comments, eighteen of which I posted myself
-The current pageview count is 1091
-I have added eight gadgets onto the sidebar

So now you've seen some of the stats, why not publish some of your own? Actually, let's do a game of tag to celebrate my 40th post! Here's the rules:

If someone tags you, you must:
     -post these same rules on your blog post
     -post at least 5 statistics about your blog since you started it
     -tag someone else, and lastly...
     -let the tagged person know they've been tagged. (In case they don't look at your blog very often.)
Not very hard, is it?

Please do it!!! I've never started a game of tag before, if I'm doing it all wrong will someone kindly inform me of my mistakes??? Thank you!

Okay. Here goes. I tag.... Sayna!


  1. Thanks Bonnie! I have written a post about it already. ;)I know I should have saved it for later...

  2. No, whenever you want is fine!

  3. No, whenever you want is fine!


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