Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ernest Prickle

Yesterday we had a miniature visitor. Mum was weeding in the garden when she saw a little baby hedgehog, wrapped completely round in the grape netting! He was so completely tangled (each section of netting was separately caught on his spikes) that we had to cut the netting off him. We think he had been there all day, possibly even the night before as well! We named him Ernest Prickle; Ernest because he had so earnestly tried to escape (but he only made matters worse) and Prickle... because.... well, I think that needs no explanation!

We put him into the hedge surrounding our backyard, as it is cool and quiet there and he could rest. This morning he was about one meter away from where we left him, and as I speak he is still in roughly the same area. I think he is feeling pretty lost and confused, poor little thing!

Talking about feeling lost and confused, this came from Sayna's blog. Don't you think it's clever and true?

So clever!

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