Sunday, 15 May 2016

Here's a Hair post

A while ago one of my readers sent me an email and asked for a hair post. Today I thought I might do that... although I'm warning you - what I do with my hair is CERTAINLY nothing fancy at all!!

Firstly, I wash my hair twice a week - either Tuesday/Wednesday and Saturday, usually.

I favour morning showers... just because it helps to wake me up and I like going into the day clean. I do like evening showers too, but then you have wet hair when you go to bed and it's not as easy to deal with.

My hair is thinnish and medium lengthish and brownish. Very 'ish'. There are a lot of times I've longed for really long, blonde, wavy hair... but God saw fit to give me brown hair that refuses to go the slightest bit wavy without some 'encouragement' from me! :)

What does that encouragement look like?  Good question.

Curling irons annoy me because they take forever and I haven't actually managed to figure out the best way to use mine. I've owned it for ages and use it sometimes but I'm never satisfied with how it ends up looking!

I find that my hair cycle goes like this:

It's not terribly scientific but you get the idea. As the time increases after I've washed it, the dirtiness of my hair increases. As it gets less clean, it gets more dirty. :P It's kind of a gradual gentle slope - it doesn't suddenly go really bad on day 2, it lets me down gently. :P

I usually just leave my hair out and straight the same day after I wash it. Then when I go to bed I put it up into a really high (kind of silly-looking, but who is looking at me when I'm in bed??) bun. If I want my hair particularly curly/wavy the next morning I'll also slightly wet the ends. Then I sleep.

Here's my random bun :P Right on top so it doesn't annoy me in bed.

The next morning I take it out and it's wavy and actually has quite a lot of volume! Yay for volume! :)  I then style it however I'm going to wear it - a ponytail maybe, maybe just leave it out, a half up, a side ponytail, whatever.

The volume (and wave) I get from the bed bun will gradually decrease throughout the day but it's amazing how much 'lift' you can get from sleeping with your hair in a bun. I found this anyway! It's like (and I'm too lazy to draw another graph) it jumps the cleanness up a couple of cm back into the previous day's slot. I don't know how to explain it better than that, and if you don't understand feel free to moan about it in the comments. :)

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes. So the first night I do a bun. The second night I do too. It just works really well for me. If I wash my hair the next day the cycle repeats itself, otherwise just add another day onto it!

When I wash my hair I don't use conditioner. I find it makes my hair SUPER smooth - and like I said before, my hair is so naturally thin I do love some volume! So just shampoo for me. Saves money too.

I think that's everything possible I could tell you about my hair. I don't do anything super fancy - that's not me! Basically I like to keep things simple. So I do.

Any questions? Ask away.
Girls, how do you manage your hair? 
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  1. My hair is a lot like yours- straight, thin, brown, and doesn't wave or curl at all! The only way I can get it to have any wave is to put my hair in a braid after I wash it, then sleep in it.

    1. I feel you! :) It's a bit frustrating... but there are lots of things you can do with straight hair. I have friends with massively thick wavy hair who moan that they can't do anything with it!

  2. I enjoyed the post, but , well sometimes fluffy hair is not that fun..... I have wished for nice dead straight hair some days! After mine is washed it fluffs into a poof around me... and gets horribly knotty. I used to tie it up in a bun on top of my head almost every day, but now I often use a flexi clip (like the best thing ever) to put it in a bun, pony tail or some other kind of bunish thing. And I also only wash it twice a week because, so much hair = a lot of time and water to wash.

    1. I know what you mean! There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to whatever kind of hair you have... like everything in life!
      Flexi clips are AMAZING!!!!
      Your hair is beautiful out long by the way! :)

    2. I can't believe it took me so long to get some flexi clips... I knew about them way before I finally bought some! And thanks :D

  3. Straight hair is a struggle!!!! I try flipping my head upside down and brushing it before I style it. It somehow gives it an extra puff! LOL!!!

    1. Yeah - that's a good way to give it a bit of extra puff. :) Unfortunately it doesn't work quite so well when you have slightly not-so-clean hair! Ah well.

  4. Hey Bonnie,
    This is slightly OT, but thank you for the comment you left on my post. I always love reading your posts; you have wisdom WAY beyond your years. Thank you for being such a faithful blogger friend. Take care,

    1. Oh Lexi, you're so sweet!! Haha, off topic is awesome. :P Thank you for your kind words! :)

  5. Hi Bonnie,

    Did you see my comment I left a couple days after you wrote this post? I know I published it, but I don't see it on here.


    1. Hey Ashley,
      Yes! I saw your comment - I get an email with each new comment - but for some reason it didn't show up when I headed here to my blog to answer your comment. I have no idea why that might be - I certainly didn't delete it! Perhaps it's just one of those strange mysteries that will never be solved.
      Thank you for your comment, though!

  6. Oh okay. LOL. :)


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