Saturday, 21 May 2016


- People referring to inside jokes between the two of you when there are others in the conversation. I mean, it's fun and all that, but it makes me feel bad for the other people who don't have the faintest idea what we're talking about! Inside jokes are best kept inside.
- Brushing your teeth absentmindedly and continuing brushing your teeth for a rather long time until you realise that you could have stopped ages ago.
- Collecting chestnuts. Involves getting the chestnuts out of their extremely prickly cases which means you spend ten minutes after the expedition fishing prickles out of your fingers with tweezers.

----------------------------Interlude to chat about chestnuts------------------------------
Actually, did you know that lots of people don't know much about chestnuts?  Allow me to educate you. There are two main kinds of chestnuts (at least, in New Zealand) that I know of. Horse chestnuts (do NOT try to eat them!!) and edible (sweet) chestnuts. These are horse chestnuts.

See the sparse prickles and the colour of the case? The chestnuts themselves (the brown things) aren't too different from edible chestnuts, so it's best to use the cases to discern them.

These are edible chestnuts on the tree.

See the vast quantity of the prickles and the case colour? The cases are quite different from the horse chestnut cases.
If you want to eat them, do not try to eat them raw! Remove the brown chestnuts from their prickly cases with much caution, then boil or roast them. If you roast them make sure you score them with a knife before putting them in the oven otherwise they'll explode. Once they've been boiled or roasted you can peel the brown skin off to reveal the white flesh inside. :)

--------------------Chestnut chat ends and awkward things continue------------------

- Wondering why your bobby pin won't go into your hair - and discovering that's likely to be because you are trying to put it in backwards (the closed end of a bobby pin doesn't grab onto your hair, people).
- Biking home after a long shift at work against a 35km/hr headwind. Not fun.

- Playing Hide and Seek with Jacob. It's actually a really fun game!! I shouldn't let so much time pass by before I play it again. :) It was hilarious.
- Chocolate eclairs
- Eating roasted chestnuts. Those things are amazing. After all the work of collecting them it's nice to have something to reward your efforts.
- Meditating on a verse for a while and then opening up your blog reader and discovering a friend posted a blog post on the verse you'd been thinking about. Really cool!
- Finding out the car is free so you can go to something you really want to go to. (A few of us share a vehicle).
- Great chats about life and the Bible etc in Bible study groups.
- Cream in hot drinks
- Treehouses and baby bunnies and sunrises and sunsets and barefeet in long grass and rainbows reaching down from heaven to touch earth and dew on flowers and friends to spend time with and standing on top of hills in really strong wind and just feeling the wind go right through you... and finding round smooth pebbles that skip on water really well and sparkly glittery die cuts that are just really cute and meatloaf and wow, I could go on forever.

Have you eaten chestnuts before?
Do you have a random story from this week?
What is your favourite dessert/pudding?
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  1. Hiya! Random event: Being invited to a family from Church's place for tea, and having a power cut afterwards. Power cuts are actually heaps of fun! Unless it's cold. Or you have massively important stuff to do that needs power. Massively awkward: not being sure if I feel asleep or nearly feel asleep at a Bible study group (Bible study groups are really awesome, by the way!)...also being so tired that I could not (even after 4 attempts) articulate a question that I had...and then spending the rest of the week wondering about what the answer might be....definately try to get enough sleep before attending a Bible study group. Just saying.

    1. Hey Laura! Thanks for commenting.
      Power cuts are awesome! Unless you want electricity (for example, to cook with) in which case they are annoying.
      Haha, Bible studies... :P

    2. Even more awkward: not spelling "fell" right. Twice. And taking a whole day to realise that fact.


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