Sunday, 29 May 2016

My Prayer

Stone skipping on Lake Kaniere, Hokitika

Dear God,

Today I'm turning 18. Although this is the age in which I am legally recognised as an adult in New Zealand, I don't feel much different. I know that you made me perfectly the way you wanted me to be. You were thinking of me when you created the world.
I may not feel different but today I'm legally an adult and I wanted to take the time to thank you for the 18 years you have given to me and commit to you the adult years of my life, whatever they may hold.

Thank you for placing me in such a loving family and shepherding me and guiding me as I grew up. Thank you for keeping me safe and secure. Thank you for letting me know how much you love me! Thank you for all the precious moments from my childhood. Thank you for each tear I've shed, for each smile, for each wonderful person you've crossed my path with. Thank you for each purpose you've held in the midst of my pain. Thank you for all the lessons you've taught me. Thank you for the grace you've given me. Thank you for the joy you've given me. Thank you for each moment, each opportunity, each happy year. Thank you for revealing yourself to me. Thank you for giving me a heart to get to know You better. Thank you for helping me get to know you better. Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for working in my life, making me more like your Son. Thank you for all the goodness and mercy you have shown to me. I have been blessed overwhelmingly and Lord, I really am so incredibly grateful.

Father God, I commit to you the rest of my life. I give you my adult years. I pray that you would use me to bring joy to others, but mostly, to bring joy to you. I desire that through my life you are glorified. May my life be a sweet fragrance to you and a melody to your ears.

I give you my eyes. Lord, help me to see where you're working. Help me to be able to look through the brokenness in the world and see the beauty you have placed in it. Let me see people who I can bring your life and joy to. Show me where you want me to go. Show me your ways and teach me your paths. I pray that you would give me a vision for the future. Give me eyes that don't seek out selfish things for myself but opportunities where I can serve and be a blessing.

And Lord, I give you my hands. I pray that I wouldn't just see where I can serve, but that I would serve. Give me hands of a servant. Give me hands that are quick to bless others and be used for you. May everything my hands find to do be blessed and may I be a good and cheerful worker. May my hands never be slow to give what I have to where it is needed.

Take my feet, Lord. I pray that all of my life I would walk in the straight and narrow way, never turning to the right or to the left. May I follow you wholeheartedly and continuously, unwaveringly and steadily. May my feet be quick to go where you lead, and may I never shrink from fulfilling the plans you have for me!

Use my lips, Lord. May the words of my mouth be acceptable in your sight. I pray that I would speak words of love, words of peace and words of joy and hope. That I would speak Your words out and that what I say would touch the hearts of the hearers. Take away all things I would speak that are not of you - cynicism, gossip, slander, rude talk, too much talk, anything that isn't pure. May I only ever speak to bring glory to your name.

Here are my ears, Lord. Oh God, I desire to listen to you and hear your voice. Speak to me. May my ears be ever open and ready to listen to your words and may I obey your voice. May I hear when others have needs, and please help me fill those needs.

I give you my heart. I put in your hands all my hopes and dreams for the future. Because I know that you have a perfect plan for my life and I want to follow that plan. Lord, love is complicated and I ask that you would bring people into my life at the right time. I pray that you would orchestrate everything. I give you permission to be in charge of this area of my life, as with all the other areas!

And take my mind. May I never believe lies from the evil one but may I always love truth and believe the truth. May I think about the things of you and never be excited about anything that is not pure or lovely. Would you give me discernment and wisdom, Lord. May I use my gifts and talents for your glory.

Lord Jesus, I trust you. I completely surrender my life afresh and especially this next stage of my life. May everything I do bring you joy!



  1. Beautiful! Happy Birthday day Bonnie! Happy Birthday!

  2. How beautiful, Bonnie! Happy birthday!

  3. Happy birthday, it is just like that isn't it when I was younger I felt like I got older on my birthday but not it is different and I think about the age I am almost with disbelief.

  4. Thanks for your birthday wishes! I had a lovely day, thank you!

  5. This is actually so beautiful, I love it so much!

  6. Wonderfully written Bonnie, Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy birthday Bonnie!! This is an amazing that I can mirror in my own life. I want everything to be His...but sometime I am the one standing in His way. =( Thank you for being such a good example to us Bonnie, and showing your devotion to God freely!! <3


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