Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Off my phone

Today I thought I might share a few photos that I had taken on my phone and were languishing there waiting to be uploaded onto the computer.

I've been making a few bookmarks recently. These are just coloured pencil and Faber Castell Pitt pens.

Also I hadn't done a sketch for ages... until I did one the other day! It was awesome. Had so much fun. You guys, don't pass up on spare moments to play with a pencil and paper.

Look at this little cutie! There was a really lovely light in the sky coming towards dusk... and so Jana, Lydia and I went out and took a few photos together. This is one of the ones we did.

So photogenic!!

So is Lydia, actually

Awww.... now that is ridiculously cute.

I love that light!! It is so pretty coming through the gap between the trees.

Jana and yours truly...

Yours truly

Here's Ben collecting chestnuts

Jana being very helpful and raking up some leaves (we start them young, here :P )

Massive leaf-pile!!

Ben burying Baxter in leaves

Johnny being buried 



I just can't resist showing you these cuties again!

Oh look, here I am again! Selfie-ing with Jana. :)

And my favourite one, to finish with. The view from the end of our driveway.

What have you been up to?
Do you enjoy playing in leaves? 
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PS. I'm away this week so that's why I'm not replying to emails or comments. :)


  1. Ha that leaf pile looks fun I have never actually seen a pile like it, all the trees around here are gum trees so very boring when it comes to autumn.

    1. Wow! :) Where I live there are lots of beautiful colours come Autumn.

  2. SO CUTE!!! Your sister!!! :D

  3. Awesome pictures!! And wow. You are so pretty! <3

  4. Such wonderful photos! It's making me miss when I visited NZ! :-D

  5. These are lovely, Bonnie! So beautiful and fun - thanks for sharing. :D


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