Saturday, 25 June 2016

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday = a time when you can post old photos and guess their dates and get them wildly wrong :P
These are a collection of old photos that I thought might interest you. If you want to compare them with some more recent photos, I recommend you go here.
They are completely random- I just took some old photos off the computer that I thought would be interesting! Not in dated order or anything. Enjoy!

Left: me, Right, Danella
That time we went flying in a really small aeroplane and Ben was up the front and got to steer the plane for a bit

Family picture. Wow, how the family has grown! Left to right: Sophie, Dad, Abbie, Danella, Mum, baby Ben, me. 

The kids (taken at the same time as the previous one) Danella, me, Abbie, Sophie and baby Ben. See our matching dresses? Grandma sewed them for us (I think). We still have two of them (but we've grown out of them).

Who do you think this handsome young man is? That's right! Dad!

Dad with his two brothers. Left to right: Uncle D, Uncle A and Dad.

Mum in the Hanmer hotpools with little baby Caleb

Abbie, me and another homeschool girl at a homeschool outing which was to do with the fire station... we're sitting on the hose and feeling the pressure I think.

Three little girls, busking.... it was an event in our city where kids could do busking. It's Danella, Abbie and me. We were singing, probably hymns or something similar. (As you can see we weren't singing when the photo was taken!)

Ben and Johnny... still cute :P

Mum with little baby Lydia. I love this photo!

Some family event where we all dressed up and danced with each other. Have fun figuring out who is who.

Heading off for a bike ride. Left to right Dad, Abbie, me, Danella, Sophie, Ben.

And.... another photo of Daddy in his younger days. We don't seem to have any photos of young Mum on our computer so you'll have to content yourselves with those!

Has my family changed much? :P Still recognisable?

Note: I discovered after posting this that I posted it on a Saturday. Lol. Well, it's now officially a Throwback Saturday. :P It was supposed to be a Thursday but I have no idea quite what happened there. 
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  1. Some of those photos are sooo old! Your face when you're sitting on the hose though... haha!! Old photos are great! :)

  2. I love the photos of us four girls in the matching dresses, we were so cute! :)

    1. We certainly were. Those cute yellow dresses.

  3. For the dancing photo:
    Left to right: Danella, Lydia, Sophie, Abbie, Ben, Bonnie, Roger?

    I see Abbie was dressed up as a cowgirl even then... :P

    1. Right on, of course, David. :) Yup, she hasn't changed a bit.

  4. Aww, those are adorable photos!


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