Friday, 10 June 2016

The 'U' Poem

Mum was unpacking some boxes today and discovered this poem. She showed it to me and suggested I put it on my blog. So here it is, because Mum thought you guys might like to see it, and because I think it's rather cool, too. :) Enjoy.


Before U were thought of or time had begun,
God even stuck U in the name of His Son.
And each time U pray, you'll see it is true,
You can't spell JesUs and not include U.

You're a pretty big part of His wonderful Name,
For U, He was born, that's why He came.
And His great love for U is the reason He died;
It even takes U to spell crUcified.

Isn't it thrilling and splendidly grand,
He rose from the dead, with U in His plan?
The stones split away, the gold trUmpet blew,
And this word 'resUrrection' is spelled with a U.

When JesUs left earth at His upward ascension,
He felt there was one thing He just had to mention.
"Go into the world and tell them it's true,
That I love them all - Just like I love U."


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  1. That's a really neat poem, Bonnie! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Thank YoU for sharing the awesome poem.

  3. That's a really cool poem, Bonnie. I like it. :) Thank you for sharing it. :D


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