Wednesday, 25 March 2015

You Asked, I Answer

I was very pleased with the number of questions I received in my Ask Me Anything post from a wee while ago. It was very fun reading all the questions and doing answers. I ended up answering every single question that was asked apart from two (for various reasons). A total of 47 questions and answers. Wow, you sure know how to keep me busy don't you?!

You asked the questions... so here are the answers!

Questions About My Life

What was the happiest day of your life so far?
The happiest day of my life was definitely the day I gave my life to the Lord. :) Other than that, it would have been when I was baptized, probably! 

How does a normal day work for you?
I get up at around 6:45am. I dress, have breakfast and then go for a run. (I don't normally do this but I'm trying to get my fitness up at the moment because of a camp coming up that could end up being quite physically demanding!) I then start on studying - either my law studies or math. Sometime in the morning I practice my violin. Then I have lunch and either go to work for the afternoon or do more study, fold up washing, read a book, do some writing, do a blog post, go to my violin lesson if it's a Thursday, go out somewhere else if necessary... or just whatever needs doing, really! After tea we all help with dishes and then (at the moment) I do some more fitness (situps and pushups and lots of stretching) and then go to bed. Sorry that was a long answer. Of course it's different every day and on the weekends too.

When was the last time you laughed? Why?
I laughed just before when I was playing with Jana and she pulled a really silly face. She's in the cutest stage of life right now! 

What is your fashion/clothing style?
Ummm... just casual, I guess.  I always try to dress modestly. I find skirts a lot more comfortable than jeans so I wear them often. Sorry that doesn't really describe a particular clothing style, does it?!

What do you like doing in your spare time?
Some of the things I do in my spare time are drawing, reading, blogging, making music, doing crafts, taking Baxter (our dog) for a walk or bike ride, doing crossword puzzles and writing.

What was the last thing you ate?
I ate a blackboy peach for morning tea.

What has someone said to you that changed your life?
Hmm... there are several things I'm thinking of here.
1. All the positive input into my life by my family. It's not one sentence or anything that I can pick out, but I'm super grateful for everything they do and say that inspires me.
2. Reading the book Beyond Our Selves by Catherine Marshall. It's not what someone said to me as such, but I'm putting it down here because it changed my life. It's a wonderful book. Highly recommended. 

What time do you get up in the morning?
6:45am usually. 

What time do you go to bed?
I try to be in bed before 9pm, unfortunately sometimes that's wishful thinking!

What were you just looking at? (other than the computer) 
I was just playing with Jana. So I was looking into her pretty face. She has such gorgeous, big, blue eyes. She's adorable!! She's starting to stand up now by herself, not holding on to anything. Before long she'll be walking.

You said once that you have a lot of pairs of homemade earrings. How many homemade earrings do you have versus bought ones? Which are your favourites? Weird question but I want to know.
Haha, weird questions are quite alright! :) I have eight pairs of studs, all bought ones. I have twenty-two pairs of dangly earrings, eleven of which are homemade. So half of my dangly earrings are homemade. Some I made, some my sisters made. My very favourite earrings are a couple of bought pairs, but I have some very special pairs of homemade earrings I love to wear! 

Faith/Christianity/what I believe related questions

Can animals go to heaven?
Goodness me, what a question. Well, I am going to truthfully tell you that I don't actually know. We know that there will be animals in heaven (Isaiah 11:6-9) but whether those are the animals from earth or not, I do not know. I guess we'll have to find out when we get there, won't we? This is good for further reading if you're interested.

Have you been baptized? If so, how old were you?
Yes I have been baptized. Highly recommended for all Christians. ;) I was twelve at the time.

What do you want in a future husband?
Firstly, he must love the Lord with all his heart, soul, mind and strength. He must treat his parents and siblings with respect. He must be a Godly, committed young man with a focus in life. He needs to be diligent, dedicated, loving and gentle. It would be great if he had a similar sense of humour to me, as well!

What has been the most amazing 'God experience' that you've had?
I really felt that the Lord was near (I guess you could call it a God experience!) when I was on a camp in January. One of the mornings we had extended worship and I had the opportunity to pray for some of my friends. Lots of people (including me!) were in tears. I felt that the Lord was really close and it was just an awesome experience. I hope this answers the question since I'm not completely sure what you mean!

Questions about my favourite things

What is your dream job?
Getting paid for doing what I love.

What's your favourite sport?
Probably skiing. I've been a few times and though I'm not very good at it, I love it!

Favorite drink? (This same question was asked to me by two different people, hence the two drinks mentioned!)
Hot chocolate, with marshmellows. Mmmm. And smoothies. Do smoothies count as a drink? Probably not, but I love them.

Hi Bonnie, what is your favorite hair style?
Hi! For myself, I like having my hair out long or tied up, maybe in a side ponytail. On others, I love experimenting with fancy french braided buns and so on. I would do fancier hairstyles on myself if I knew how. Sadly I can't do awesome hairstyles on myself, just others.

Pen or pencil?
I like pencil when I'm drawing, pen when I'm writing. My favourite pens to write with are ones with very thin points. I love those.

What is your favourite Bible verse?
Psalm 16:11 - You will show me the path that leads to life, in your presence is fullness of joy.

What's your favourite month?
First is May, then December, then September. 

What's your favourite colour? What's your worst colour?
My favourite colour is sunshine yellow, my worst colour... hmm... maybe black.

Dog or cat?
Dog, definitely! Cats are cute but dogs are adorable.

What is your favourite time of the day, and what would you do in it?
My favourite time of the day is the evening. In the evening (as I explained above when asked what my normal day looks like) after doing dishes we have free time before bed. I usually read, write, do something crafty, fold washing or stretch. I have no idea why it's my favourite time of day, it just is!

What's your favourite animal?
I don't have a particular favourite, however, I love butterflies, dogs and dolphins especially. :)

What are your top 5 worship songs?
I love lots of worship songs! I can't pick 5 top favourites, but I love these ones.
- I Exalt Thee
- Great is Thy Faithfulness
- As The Deer
- How Deep the Father's Love for Us
- Glorified

Do you like math?
Not very much, no. I do it because I know it's good for my brain. I guess I kind of enjoy algebra to an extent, but I don't like it very much.

What's your favourite takeaway?
Subway, of course!! :)

What's your favourite season?
This is tricky because whenever it's springtime, I like spring the best. And when it's summer I like summer the best! It is definitely one of those two. Maybe spring wins, very slightly. I don't know!

Questions about my blog

How long has your blog been going for?
I wrote my first post on the 7th of January 2013, which makes this my blog's third year.

How would you feel if I hacked your blog?
You couldn't hack my blog. Sorry, but quite honestly, my password is un-hackable. :) If you did manage by some strange way to hack it, however, I would feel extremely annoyed. 

This isn't really a question, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your awesome blog. I love reading your posts, they inspire me! I'm always so excited when I see you've done a new post. Thank you for writing such a good blog. I hope this makes the post even though it isn't a question.
Awww, thank you so much! You've just made my day. You readers are absolutely awesome! There's no way I'd be doing a blog if it wasn't for you. Thank you so much for your kind words. :)

Do you think you will ever stop posting on your blog?
Maybe, if I ever run out of things to say! But I don't think that will happen anytime soon, don't worry. I really enjoy blogging. 

Random questions

How many times have you ever cut your hair (estimate)
Not very many! Probably less than ten times. And all those times have been just trims. :)

What is something that makes you really angry?
This took a bit of thinking about. A lot of things make me annoyed but I can't think of anything that makes me really angry. Something that really annoys me is when people say they are going to do something and then don't follow through with it. 

Do you get to eat free subway? ;)
(For those of you who are confused, I work at a small Subway restaurant near where we live.) 
No I don't get it free, unfortunately! It would be great if I did! :)

Is your family still looking at moving house?
Yes, we are. 

What's your opinion of basketball?
My opinion of basketball is very high. I love sport. I played netball and tennis for years. :) I have never played basketball, sadly. I think basketball would be quite fun. Maybe someday I'll try it.

Would you prefer to live in the country or in the city?
I'm going to have to say both for this one. I love the country because it's quiet and beautiful. And the city is good because you're close to everything you need to be close to. They're both good for different reasons.

If you could change anything about yourself, what what it be?
That is a very good question. Do you mean character or looks? If looks, I would want to be a bit taller. Maybe three inches taller would be nice (just enough to be taller than my younger sisters...!). If character, I don't think I would want to change anything. Not because I think I'm perfect as I am, far from it! But because the Lord teaches me so much from every flaw and imperfection in myself. If I was perfect then I wouldn't need Him. 

Have you ever wanted glasses?
No I haven't. I guess it's because Mum has glasses and she sometimes says that they are really annoying! I think glasses are something that are helpful if you need them but if you don't, then all the better. :) If I ever needed glasses I wouldn't have a problem with them.

What's your lucky number?
I don't have one, sorry!

What is your first reaction to an unpleasant situation?
My first reaction to an unpleasant situation is usually to freak out. :P Disappointing to me (something I'm working on!) but true. Then after a bit I usually get used to the idea and sometimes (depending on the situation) warm to it eventually. 

What is the biggest risk you have ever taken?
Inviting people to freely ask me questions. :P

What has scared you the most?
I am afraid of fire, arsonophobia, I believe it's called. There's a lot more to this story. It might make a good blog post actually. 

Where have you always wanted to go?
I've always loved New Zealand. I live in a beautiful country. If I could travel elsewhere, however, maybe I'd go to Israel. Visiting the Holy Land and seeing where Jesus lived and walked would be amazing!

Did you ask me a question?
Which was your favourite question/answer?
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  1. Yes ... the camp you are speaking of could be physically demanding. Blame it on the Activity Directors. (Especially the Assistant. I hear the Assistant is really behind it all.)

    1. Exactly. Why do you think I'm training for it??? :P :P :P

  2. I think I recognise the authors of some of these comments…a certain owlish character among them.

    1. I wonder who that could have been.
      Thanks for asking some questions.

  3. I completely agree with every word of the 'question that wasn't a question' Bonnie! :) Your blog and you are both inspiring :)

    1. Awww!! Thanks so much for your kind words, Jennifer!! :)


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