Monday, 9 March 2015

Holiday Photos! Finally!

I am extremely excited to share with you today the photos from our trip down South. For those of you who are familiar with NZ, we stayed in Dunedin, Invercargill, Riverton, Wanaka, Haast and Hokitika in that order. So a bit of a loop around the bottom of the South island, if you like. It was a lovely time away, as you can probably see from the photos!! Unfortunately, we have hundreds (literally!) of lovely photos and I couldn't possibly upload them all. So I've done a bit of a selection for you, and hopefully you can get a bit of an idea of what we got up to. :) Let the photos begin!

Left: Jacob on one of the Moeraki boulders // Right: Lydia and I on the window seat in the place we stayed at in Dunedin

Those of us who went to see Baldwin Street (the world's steepest street!) 

This photo was too cute not to put in. Seriously. I mean, isn't Jana adorable!

Left: Johnny holding a butterfly in the tropical forest at Otago Museuem // Right: Danella and Jana in the butterfly forest, see the butterfly on Jana's head!

We walked to this amazing place called Tunnel Beach. There is a tunnel going down to the beach, which is the only accessway. The cliffs all around are colossal.

Now, on to our Invercargill time. This is Dad and I at Bluff, the southernmost part of the South Island.

Danella, Ben and Sophie enjoying a spa bath in the house we stayed at in Invercargill

On to Riverton now. Riverton is a little beach village about half an hour from Invercargill township.
Left: Looking for paua shells at Monkey Island // Right: Johnny in a random creek
Left and right: Hijinks in Riverton

There was an old train outside the Riverton museum.

Another view of the train

Daddy teaching us how to flax bomb out by the Riverton rocks where we went one evening

On the way to Wanaka we spent the day in Queenstown. This photo was taken by Abbie (which is why she's not in it) at the top of the Queenstown gondola.

Sophie and Danella in front of Lake Wakatipu

On to Wanaka now. Johnny at Puzzling World. Puzling World is awesome!

View of the Franz Josef glacier looking across Peter's Pool

On to Hokitika now. This is Johnny playing in Lake Mahinapua.

On the beach one night watching the sun set into the Hokitika sea

Left and right: The sunsets there are phenomenal!

We took the opportunity while we were in Hokitika to take some family photos, like this one. Isn't it hilarious. :)

The Hokitika Gorge, which has absolutely stunning blue water and is FREEZING cold to swim in - trust me, we know!! :) That's me on the rock in the foreground there.

Lydia swimming at Lake Kaniere in the morning

Lake Kaniere again in the evening this time, we loved it so much we went back again with a picnic tea. Here's Mum and I standing on the wharf watching Johnny, Dad and Ben jump in at once.

Cooking our sausages for our picnic tea that night

Ben shows off a 'perfectly' cooked marshmellow

That's the main highlights from our trip, shown in photos. 

I'm really excited because I managed to figure out how to get photos side by side in the post! You'll have noticed that I experimented with it a bit in the post. It takes of bit of html coding and some trial and error to get your head around it but I did it in the end. :)

What have you been up to?

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