Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Happy birthday, Abbie!

Today I'd like to say a massive happy birthday to my oldest sister, Abigail, who is turning

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this very day!!

In honour of this very special eighteenth birthday, here are eighteen things I love about Abbie.

1. Her commitment to the Lord
2. Her smile
3. Her brilliant cooking skills
4. Her sense of humour
5. The fun she brings to any occasion
6. Her cheerfulness
7. Her heart to serve others
8. All the awesome memories we have together
9.  Her determination
10. How she's so good with kids
11. And horses
12. Her great advice when I'm confused about anything
13. Her compassion
14. Her laughter
15. How she is always there for me
16. Her one track mind (it can be quite funny sometimes! ;P )
17. Her genuine interest in what interests me
18. And lastly, I love that she's such a wonderful sister. :)

Abbie, may the Lord bless you beyond your wildest dreams in your nineteenth year. I love you so much!!!!!

Oh, and happy birthday. :) :) :)
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