Monday, 28 July 2014

Your Signature

Hello everyone!

I found out only recently how you add a signature to the bottom of your posts, and since I thought it was such a brilliant idea I just knew I had to make a tutorial and share it with you guys too. :) I have a feeling this will only work on blogger blogs though, so sorry all you wordpress users!

1. Make a signature using photo editing software. I used PicMonkey.
2. Save the image onto your computer.
3. Upload the image onto a hosting site. I used Photobucket.
4. Copy the direct link of the image and paste it within this code. Note: Replace only the part within quotation marks, “YOUR IMAGE URL“. Do not remove quotations.
<img class="left" alt="post signature" src="YOUR-IMAGE-URL">
So now it should look like this:
<img alt="post signature" src="" />
5. Log on to your Blogger account. Click 'Settings', then 'Posts and Comments'. There should be a section that says somewhere 'Post Template'. Click 'Add' and paste that code you just created into your box.
6. If you want your signature to be centered, use this code:
<center><img alt="post
7. If you find that your signature comes up right at the top of your post and you want it to come a little lower down, either press Enter each time you open a new post draft, or add the following space code thingy a couple times before the code in your post template box.

 Hopefully that was remotely understandable. :) If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below. Did you find my tutorial helpful?
post signature


  1. Hi! I actually just learned how to make a signature! :D Except, you don't have to use a website to upload it. I actually found out how to do it another way! You just open a new post on blogger, upload your picture just as if you were going to post it. When right click on the picture, and click "Copy Image URL." Then you can just continue with the rest of the codes and such. :)
    ~Sarah Margaret♥

    1. Yay!! It's awesome once you can do something that you couldn't do previously, isn't it!
      I guess it doesn't really matter how you get the image URL as long as you get one somehow. :) Thanks for the idea, though! I'll keep it in mind.

    2. Yes! Its so fun to learn new things! :D Yeah, I was confused at first and I didn't really know that they wanted the Image URL! But, I tried it anyways. Surprisingly, it worked! :D

    3. The good thing about trying to learn new things associated with blogging is that there are a ton of tutorials out there to help. I just Googled it and found some basic tutorials, then decided to write my own! :D


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