Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I've Never Tried Coffee

Seven Random Facts About Me:

1. I would actually really love to go skydiving when I am old enough. I might even write a blog post about it.

2. When I'm biking to or from my work I usually sing to myself to keep from being to bored, you know. Not too loudly, just loud enough that I can hear myself. Do you know how hard it is to sing while biking? You get really breathless and the song ends up being "..lyrics..... pant, pant.....lyrics.... pant, pant.... pant". It's fun anyway and I always do it until I meet a cyclist coming from the other direction and I have to stop.

3. I. Do. Not. Like. The. Scary. Bits. In. Movies.

4. I loooooove wrapping up presents!!! Okay, maybe that came out a little weird. Let me explain. I always find it really hard to pick presents for people, but when it comes time to wrap them I get out all the fancy wrapping paper (or make my own, that works too) and ribbons and stickers and have a lot of fun. :D

5. I own an awesome pair of pink crocs with a yellow smiley face (one of those jibbitz thingies) on the left one. 

6. I love the number 12. It's so even. So finished. One dozen. Twelve. Six Times Two. Three Times Four. Eleven Plus One. Yeah, I think you get the picture.

7. I have never, ever, ever tried the tiniest drop of coffee before. 


  1. Number two is me described to a "T". And if you don't see the person coming you hope you stopped singing before they heard you.... Ah, such is the life of a biker. :)

    I don't like scary bits either--unless I've already watched it and know to expect it. If I know what's going to happen it's a lot easier.

    And as for number should sometime. But just make sure someone who knows how to make it taste really good makes it for you. :)

  2. You NEED to try coffee! how can you NOT have had coffee? Haha, I have it almost every day ;/ yeah, maybe you shouldn't, if you get addicted like I am!


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