Thursday, 31 July 2014

Annnnd... Another Birthday!!

Good morning!

This day is a very special day. This day 14 years ago, my little sister made her first appearance in the world.

That's right, it's another birthday! (With this size family we have lots of them, in case you hadn't already noticed.)

Happy birthday to my beautiful, talented, amazing, wonderful sister, Sophie.

May the Lord bless you greatly in this coming year, Sophie! Have a wonderful year being 14... and thanks for being such an awesome sister. :)

With lots of love and birthday blessings,
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  1. Happy Birthday, Sophie! Its fun having so many birthdays! More cake and Ice-cream! ;) Hehe! Birthdays are so fun! :D I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and many more to come! ♥
    ~Sarah Margaret♥

  2. Ooh, have a great Birthday, Sophie! I almost typed Sophia. ;) I love birthdays, but I have a super tiny family so we don't have many. Hope you have am amazing day Sophie!

    Birthday Blessings,


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