Thursday, 31 January 2013

Photos of my family

Well today I thought I would use my new-found ability to publish photos and publish a few of them! To start with, here are some photos of the members of my family.

 Danella (the next in our family after me)

Lydia about to perform her fairy ballet

 Zion, the lhasa-apso and beagle cross dog we looked after for several years. Not very intelligent, but very cute!

 Me and my unique way of multi-tasking. Stretching for ballet and reading a book at the same time.

 Sophie. She is next in line after Danella.

 Sunset. So pretty!

 Lydia and the pussy cat that thinks it owns us!

 Having fun in the swimming pool.

 And a photo of most of us. Left to right... Danella, me (with a friend of Lydia's on my lap), Lydia, Caleb, Sophie, Jonathan and Ben. Sorry, I couldn't really find a better one with all of us in there!
 Here's all of us. Bottom row (left to right): Abigail, Dad, Mum with Jacob, Caleb and Johnny. Top row: Danella, Ben, Sophie, Lydia and me.

May the Lord bless you in all that you do.

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