Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Crocheting and Camomile Tea

Today one of our cousins came over to our house and taught us to crochet. I know- you say, "WHAT? She can't even crochet!" Your're right.
I couldn't.
Until now.

And what's up with the title? Oh- I just wanted to catch your interest. :P

Oh oh oh! That reminds me! I wanted to show you some of my favourite computer smilies. Here we go.

:P tongue poking out     :D wide grin       :) smile     :( frown    B) sunglasses dude     :B bugs bunny          @@ rolling eyes           :S not sure what to make of it            :L weird face

So there you go. All of them! What do you think??? My favourites have to be the guy rolling his eyes, and the sunglasses dude. @@


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