Monday, 21 January 2013

Fresh corn

Don't you just love fresh corn on the cob? We ate it today for lunch. I must say, my Mum is a massive fan of it. We eat  it when it's in season, like, all the time! I am gradually getting more and more fond of it. We all used to groan terribly whenever it came out, but now we are so used to it we just eat it- and like it!

This morning we went to a funeral. Friends of ours just lost their father to cancer. It is so sobering to realize that life is so short, and we must do what we can in the time that we have to glorify God and tell others about his marvellous deeds.

I will close this short post with two signs we have on our bathroom door:

"I will only pass through this world once, therefore whatever kind thing I can do, let me do it, for I will not pass this way again."

"Lord, whether I get anything else done today, help me to spend this day loving you and loving others."

May your life be full and happy as you serve the Lord and the others around you!

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