Monday, 28 January 2013

Stacking firewood. What fun!

As the name of this post suggests, we have been stacking firewood this afternoon! Our family has a wood burning fireplace... and yup! You guessed it! Wood burning fireplaces burn wood!

You probably knew that last part already. :P

So that means every year we need to lay in a supply of firewood for the winter. We got two trailer loads of willow and bluegum this morning, and started stacking this afternoon. What fun, working in the hot, hot sun! (hey, that rhymes...)

This morning my two sisters and I went to piano lessons. And at the moment Abbie, Danella and I are working towards doing the grade 5 theory exam with the Royal Schools of Music.

I am also currently working towards the grade 4 practical (that means the actual piano playing) exam, which I hope to take this year if all goes according to plan. Danella has been playing for several years longer than me, and is working towards taking the grade 6 exam.

I think I will leave this short post with one of my very favourite verses from the Bible,

Psalm 16:11

You will show me that path that leads to life, in your presence is fullness of joy.

May the Lord bless and prosper you in all that you do!

(I'm experimenting with typos of my name here- let's see. Bonnke, Bonnoe, Bonie, Binnie, Bang, Crash, Kaboom!!!) [Just kidding with the last three there. I wanted to see if you were reading this properly!]

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