Friday, 1 February 2013

Holidays and Language Learning

Tomorrow my family is going away. We are spending the weekend over at Wainui (a friend's bach)! It will be so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because of our ballet production rehearsal we aren't able to leave until about 2:30 or something, so we will only get a day and a half there, which is sad. But at least we will be able to go.

Recently we have also really been looking forward to our family's main annual holiday up to Golden Bay! This year it should be even better as well because our cousins (who are missionaries in Asia) are home on furlough and will be up there with us!!! I prophesy lots of fun and plenty of even more fun all round!

So the Golden Bay is next Saturday. Wainui is tomorrow. You can guess that we are pretty busy packing for both!

The other notable thing worth mentioning is a great supplementary language learning thing on the internet. It's called Language Perfect and is really worth doing! Danella is doing Chinese and I am doing Latin. 
Since it's quite cheap (free trial until April, then $15 per student for the rest of the year) and it's really worth doing, it's quite brilliant!
Check it out here.

Some more photos of my beautiful family. :-) 

 Me with a butterfly at the Ellerslie Flower Show last year. 

 The butterfly and me again.

 Younger brother!!!

 Daddy mowing the lawn. Ben has now got that job now....

So that's it from me for a while! One thing I am kind of sad about is that because we are going to be in Golden Bay we will miss the first meeting of the year of our public speaking group! So that's kind of annoying. But I just remember the fun we'll be having up north while everyone else is doing schoolwork back here!!!!

And on that cheerful note, I must leave you. God bless! Einnob

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