Sunday, 24 February 2013

Photos of our holiday

Well, here are some of the photos I promised you! 

 There was this awesome tree swing... need I say more?

 Running through the waves

 Ben practicing his cap gun shooting by the creek

 Our beautiful Lydia sitting on the lawn.

 Human pyramid... (me on the camera) Top: Caleb. 2nd row: Aaron and Josiah. 3rd row: Nathan, Sophie and Jonathan M. 4th row: Danella, Isaac, Joel and Abbie.
In case you are wondering who the other people are, Nathan, Aaron and Jonathan M are from the homeschooling family who live next door to the house we stayed in. Joel, Isaac and Josiah are our cousins who went with us. 

 Lydia and Jacob

 The beautiful place we stopped at on the drive up. Look at that gorgeous water!

 Jacob after eating lunch in the van. 

 And here we are.. Us and the cuzzies. From left: Ben, Jonathan, Melody and Josiah. On the other side of the hole: Anna Ruby, Uncle Craig, Caleb, Aunty Darlene, Jacob, Joel, Sophie, Mum, Lydia, Danella, Isaac and Dad. This was taken on a walk up the Kaituna valley. The hole is an old mineshaft from the gold workings. Cool eh! (I am on the camera again. *groans* But someone had to do it!!)


  1. Three Kids! How can they manage????? (the Ms)

  2. You mean those three?? (chortles quietly to self) They are part of a homeschooling family of 14 kids. Hardly three!!!!!

    1. That's why I told him to say it :P And I was pretty sure it was 15...


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