Saturday, 8 October 2016


- One of my wonderful, lovely, useful and helpful gumboots breaking. :/ Can everyone just appreciate how tragic this is and how sad I was when I discovered this? *lets the news sink in*
*continues to let the news sink in*
Now that you've all appreciated the tragicness of the situation, I will brighten it a little by saying that I am continuing to wear it because although it is well and truly broken, it is only a problem if I need it to keep water out. So if I'm not jumping in puddles it's fine.
But yeah. My gumboots are were awesome. *screams* UNTIL YOU BETRAYED ME YOU HEARTLESS PIECE OF RUBBER.

- Trying to find my work name badge (it's just a piece of plastic with my name on it stuck onto a safety pin) and rooting around in my bag for it. Only to get my finger stuck with the pin because it had obviously come open while it was lurking in the depths of my bag.
- Spending ages trying to pull a container out of the hotwell at work in front of a customer. And not being able to do it, so asking my co worker to come over and try, and she pulls it out straight away. I was so embarrassed. The customer was really amused. My co worker was triumphant.
- Your younger siblings figuring out the passcode to your phone and sending an "I love you" message to a guy friend. Can life get any more embarrassing? (Probably, but right at the moment I can't quite see exactly how.)
- Banana peel battles. We were outside enjoying the warm weather having tea as a family in the courtyard (where we have a couple of outdoor swings and seats). It was just me and the younger ones because the others had all gone inside. Caleb ate a banana and threw the peel at me. I threw it back (as any normal person would). Caleb then threw it at Lydia, who threw it at me again, I tackled Caleb and stuffed it down the neck of his shirt. He wasn't so thrilled but we were all laughing so hard at that point it was just part of the fun!
- Dropping a few of my siblings off at camp and saying hi to some of my friends (who were also involved in camp) and then getting in the vehicle and having to leave. :/ LIKE SERIOUSLY I WANT TO STAY PLEASE CAN I STAY AT CAMP. I would wayyy rather be at camp than be at home trying to study.
- Conversations over online message/chat. They are great and all, but it's hard to understand the full meaning of what the person says because you can't see them or hear their tone of voice. Like if they joke about something, how do you know it's a joke? They might be actually honestly saying something and if you take it as a joke they'll be hurt. But if you don't take it as a joke you'll be hurt. Oh dear, it can be so complicated.
- Mum going out for a wee bit and leaving the asleep baby to the oldest girl at home (me). Then the younger kids being noisy around him and him waking up and squawking pretty much as soon as Mum leaves... *stares threateningly at aforementioned younger children* Now I get to try and get him back to sleep, yay!
- The fact that I was way too lazy to make another image for the top of this post saying Awful, Awesome and Awkward - so I just used an old one.... :/ and stuck 'Awful' on there, so now it says "time for another Awful...." when in reality of course it isn't another! This is the first, I'm pretty sure! The laziness has reached another level. Forgive me, faithful blog readers.

- Getting up in the  morning and leaving the sleepout to see Baxter (dog) bounding over to me, wagging his tail like crazy and just being generally thrilled to see me. :) Not that my family isn't thrilled to see me every morning, it's just that Baxter shows his excitement more than my family. Lol :P Here he is reclining by the door.

- Being asked to help judge a speech competition. The speeches were so good and it was heaps of fun.
- Praying with Danella after going to bed just before drifting off to sleep. There's something about lying in a cosy bed and just unburdening your heart to the Lord with someone else! Danella and I were thinking about how praying with someone makes you grow closer to them and I think that's true. Something about two hearts coming together before God... hmm... it's interesting.
- Conferences! Meeting with other like-minded believers from around the country.
- Great music. Like this song!

- Coming across great quotes that make you stop and think and go, wow, that is so true! This one is by an author named Andrew J Holmes.
It is well to remember that the entire population of the universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others.
- Putting together my package for the teacup swap hosted by Stephanie from the Enchanting Rose. So exciting! Looking forward to posting it away..... this is my first time participating and it's such fun (there will be more on the teacup swap in the future so stay tuned!).
- Grass scattered with tiny white daisies.
- The fact that after looking at my blog signature (the signature at the bottom of each post) and disliking it intensely for weeks, I finally got round to making a new one. It's not that different to the old one, I just like it a lot more. *start of sage advice* You gotta have a blog signature you love, people! *end of sage advice*
- Looking forward to when my law exams are over!! *injects positivity into the general air*
- Passing my full licence driving test! No more restrictions, yayyyy!! I can now drive passengers at any time of the day or night! Wow that was an overload of exclamation marks.

What's been going on in your life at the moment?
Have you filled out my survey?
Would you be interested in a blog post touring my bedroom (that is, the sleepout)?


  1. Recently I have entered in a speech competition with some awesome judges...
    I have filled out your survey and It would be lovely to see a tour of you bedroom.
    Thanks for having such a lovely blog!

    1. Oh cool! That would have been fun.
      Your Mum mentioned you got the chalk lettering book out of the library. How is it going? Are you enjoying it?

    2. It has been awesome! I'll email you some pictures sometime...

  2. Well, I went to a camp this last week.
    Yes, I have filled out your survey.
    I would very much like to have a post of touring your bedroom.

    1. How was camp for you?
      Yay! Thanks! :)

    2. Camp was awesome, but it was really heart. The evil one was trying to get a foot hold, but with the Lord's help we pushed through. On the Thursday evening, about 12 boys got counseled.

  3. My rubber boots have a rip in them too! But I'm still wearing them!

    Were you talking about my "bloggy people" chat? Because I feel the SAME WAY!!!! But I'm trying to work on it...

    I've been listening to O Come to the Altar too!

    Congrats for your driving accomplishment! So exciting! :)

    Have a great week, Bonnie!

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

    1. Keep wearing them! Those things are great.

      I wasn't, actually! The 'bloggy people' chat is really cool! :) I was talking about a different conversation I'm part of. I guess it applies to every conversation, really.

      Thank you! Have a wonderful week yourself, Miss Encouragement. :)

  4. I would love to see a tour of your room, Bonnie. :) And how embarrassing that would be to have your siblings send an I love you message to a guy..........simple solution. Have a long password, if able, consisting of numbers, letters, and characters. Or just a group of numbers. That seems to work pretty well. ;)
    Oh yes. I know exactly what you are talking about in reference to chatting with people on the chat boxes. I guess it could be the same with writing letters too? Maybe not. Maybe?
    Yes, I did fill out your survey. :)

    1. Awesome. I'll work on that post. Yes, it was pretty embarrassing!
      Actually he used my phone, because he'd looked over my shoulder when I put the PIN into my phone so he knew it. Simple as that.
      Thanks for filling out my survey!

  5. Hello Bonnie!
    Oh, it has been TOO long since I last stopped by...I am happy to hear all is well on your lovely side of the world! These posts always put a smile on my face...what a wonderful glimpse into you life! {{smiles}}
    I also wanted to tell you that I received your email, thank you SO much - I did a little happy dance when I heard that your parcel had arrived safe and sound! My dear mom will be responding very soon... Life has been crazily busy around here these past few weeks!
    Hooray for passing your driving test...and you're participating in the teacup swap, yippee! It is such an amazing experience!!
    Well, best I be off...the milking of the cow awaits...
    Hugs and love to you, friend! Have a great day and enjoy that darling baby brother of yours!

    1. Hello, Kelly-Anne! How are you? Nice to see you drop in! :)
      Oh, lovely, so glad you received the email.
      Yes, the teacup swap has been so much fun! I'm looking forward to being able to post my teacup reveal. :) 'Twill be fun!
      Hugs and love right back at you! Blessings.


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