Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Month in Review (well, not really a month in review)

So lots of bloggers do posts at the end of the month where they review the month that has just been and look forward to the next month. I think that's a really cool idea! Except the day I want to post this isn't at the end of the month. :P

Anyway, there are things I want to talk about that aren't just from this month. So. I shall treat this as an undisclosed-period-of-time review.

Sorry if you're confused! :P I'm not, so let's get started!

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A Distracted World
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Some random moments / things that have happened recently
Because I've had some pretty cool moments! :)

- Getting photos sorted out. We've been so busy recently we haven't been through the photos and printed out any for the albums in almost a year! So someone has the unenviable job of looking through a years worth of photos and deciding which to get printed. Guess who did that. Yep, me.

- Passing my full driver's licence. I can now drive with passengers! Yay!!! It's been amazing to have the freedom to drive whenever I like and with whoever I like!

- Finishing my law exams for the year. And they went okay. Property Law, which was the one I found more difficult, was an easier exam than I thought it would be! And Business Law was fine too, so I was thrilled about that. Now just to wait for the results....

- Getting a new family photo taken. The last one we had was back in February 2015! It was really nice to get one with Michael in it. You can see the new one here. Note that we took a grand total of 140 photos (not even kidding) to get that one that looks sort of okay! Family photos are really hard with a big family.

- Going to a wedding. Weddings are neat. Only small problem was that it was held outdoors... and it was really sunny... and silly me got super sunburnt (which is now blistering and peeling, yay) on my face, neck and arms!

- Getting things organised and catching up with friends before I go away.

- Spending time chilling out with my family. I'm really going to miss them... they are pretty awesome. Little Michael is growing so fast and getting cuter by the day, it seems! I would put some photos of him here (since I know you haven't seen any for a while) but *spoiler alert* seeing as though my next post will be entirely comprised of cute photos of Michael to celebrate him turning 2 months old, I won't do that. :P

Music I've been loving

So this has been one of my favourites for a wee while now, but I'm pretty sure I haven't mentioned it on my blog yet! So here it is. I just LOVE the lyrics! :)

And this next one... ahhhh it's so good! I love upbeat songs! :D The chorus though.... man it gets stuck in your head easily!! Lol. Be warned.

Okay I know that wasn't a very traditional month in review post. :P I'm sure you'll forgive me though!

Does your family find family photos difficult?
Have you read a really awesome post on a blog recently? Do share the link so I can check it out! :)
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  1. Family Photos Aaarh. Hard to get everyone smiling. Also there is almost always someone grumpy and does not want to be in the photo. I read a really awesome post to day. Here is the link: :)

    1. Family photos are great fun. :P Yep, that's so true.

      Lol, thanks Susanna.

  2. Seeing my post up there made my day!!! ^_^ Thanks so much!! :)
    This post was really fun to read, thanks for sharing! :)

    1. I'm so glad! :) It was a truly awesome post and I wanted everyone who reads my blog to know that!

  3. Yes Bonnie! My family takes so many pictures too! Lol. :P


  4. Thank you so much for featuring my post Bonnie! You're the sweetest. :)


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