Saturday, 29 October 2016

Michael // two months old

It is extremely hard to believe that the youngest member of our family has today reached the ripe old age of two months old. :O He's growing so fast! It seems like yesterday he joined our family.
I thought you'd maybe like to see a few photos of him. These were all taken within the last month, most of them quite recently.

Warning: a cuteness overload will probably happen! :)

My favourite one, first of all. Look at that little face... *dies from cuteness*

Sophie holding Michael 

He's yawning in the one on the left, not screaming :P

Jana is perpetually asking to hold him and have a cuddle! (This photo is a little older, he was around three weeks old.)

It's such fun having a baby in the family. Yes, he cries sometimes, and yes we have to be quiet when he's sleeping, but he really is such a joy and delight!

He was dedicated to the Lord at Church when he was five weeks old - here's the big event ('scuse the terrible photo - my phone camera is pretty horrific!).

It was so special. Our pastor prayed a beautiful prayer over Michael and our family.

Michael is smiling now. He's the cutest little guy when he smiles at you! I have tried to get a photo of him smiling to share with you but unfortunately I haven't managed it yet.

In other news, we attended a lovely outdoor wedding on Saturday of the long weekend. Weddings are such fun! The only small disappointment was that we neglected to wear hats or sunscreen.... and yup, you guessed it, some of us looked like tomatoes afterwards! Lol. Well, the weather is definitely warming up, that's for sure.

Just a heads up the next post is four days away, not three, because it had to be scheduled for Nov 2nd.

How's life for you? Do you have exams coming up?
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  1. Oh Bonnie! He is darling! What a precious addition the family little Michael must be...I can't believe that two months have already passed since his birth! Oh, I praise the Lord for this sweet gift for your enjoyed these pictures! What fun to ''watch'' your youngest brother grow into a little person through your blog, Bonnie! Thank you for sharing with us!
    Hope my letter will reach you very soon...hopefully before you up and away to the States! :D. Thinking and praying for you all!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this and enjoyed the photos! :) We are so loving having an adorable wee baby to cuddle!
      Sophie tells me your letter has just arrived! I'm heading off now to read it.

  2. How adorable! Your pictures are always so amazing.<3

  3. Michael is so cute! My little siblings were always wanting to hold Phoebe when she was younger and now she can walk!

    1. Hey Bethany! Nice to see your comment! :) How old is Phoebe now? I remember when we were at the conference she was quite young, correct?


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