Sunday, 2 October 2016

Music Tag

The lovely Jessica from Apples of Gold has tagged me in a very exciting tag: The Music Tag! Wahoo! *throws confetti and gold balloons*

Here are the oh-so-scintillating rules of the tag (because the rules are the best bit as everyone knows :P)

Anyway, the rules of the tag:

1. Thank the person who tagged you. THANK YOU JESSICA!!! 
2. Answer the questions.
3. Tag others.
4. Add you own question to the tag for your nominees to answer.
5. Include the rules in your post.

Do you play any instruments?
I play the violin mainly. I also can play some piano and a little tune on the harp. I can play an alto recorder (well I think it's an alto recorder. It's bigger than a descant) and a descant recorder, although I haven't picked either of those up for ages.

What is your favourite music genre?
I love worship music of most descriptions (upbeat, classical style, hymns....). Also country music, bluegrass etc is awesome! The Isaacs are probably my favourite musicians of this genre. Classical music can be a bit boring sometimes but usually I like it. I don't really have a particular favourite genre.

Is there a music genre you absolutely cannot stand?
I don't like the really intense music. Rock music, metal, most rap. I really don't like 'dark' music. You probably know the kind of music I speak of. 

What is your favourite way to listen to music? (CD, vinyl, MP3, radio, etc)
I love listening to music on Spotify off my phone when I'm folding up the washing or cooking. Listening to my favourite tracks (and singing along, of course!) is a brilliant way to pass time that would be otherwise boring. It does annoy me though because I don't use it enough to warrant getting a premium Spotify account... and I hate all the advertisements they interrupt the music with. :/ Also I love listening to the music (and talk shows) Radio Rhema plays when I'm driving along in the car.

What/who are your three favourite bands/singers?
To be honest, I don't follow any singers/bands closely which means I don't know lots of their songs. I have only really found the sort of music I like recently when I started listening to Radio Rhema! Which means I know a couple of songs from a lot of artists, lol. Well I'm just going to list some of the artists behind some of my current favourite songs and sorry there will be more than three.
Twila Paris // Unspoken // Jeremy Camp // For King and Country // Matthew West // Robin Mark // Natalie Grant // Need to Breathe // MercyMe // Lauren Daigle // Stars Go Dim  // Colton Dixon (I could go on and on but I think I'll stop now :P) 

What are your three favourite chords?
This is a really hard question. I like C major (root position) on the piano just because it's nice and safe and comfortable. I like playing any chords on the violin as long as they aren't really awkward (fourth finger on the lower string + third finger on the higher string, anyone?!). I do prefer major chords over minor. I am also aware I haven't specifically answered the entirety of the question so please accept my sincerest apologies. 

Jessica's question
What do you think is the purpose of music?
The purpose of music is to uplift, soothe, inspire, calm, excite, delight, amaze, make life more beautiful, make life more wonderful, bring people together (physically, mentally and emotionally), help people through tough times, express emotion, provide a link between cultures and societies, give us pleasure and enjoyment, allow us to become more disciplined and knowledgeable as we learn it and discover its mysteries,  improve morale and create an atmosphere.  

And now, for the people I officially torment tag.
Katie // Julia // Hannah // Clare // Sarah // Esther // Megan // Allie // Shendl // Elizabeth 
and anyone else who likes music and/or tags! :) 

My bonus question for the peeps I've tagged
What is one piece of music / song that has gotten you through a really tough time?

And for all you commenting chaps and chapesses- I want to know the answer to the same question from you! :) 

Also, if you haven't filled out my survey yet, I'd really appreciate you doing so! Click here. 
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    Okay my answer to this is
    What is one piece of music / song that has gotten you through a really tough time?

    Okay so my favourite band teacher who I'd known since I was a wee little thing of five years old left the school when I was almost in my senior year... my group and I were devastated as to have someone so prolific in our music lives/careers just leave the school was very hard.. we still miss her even through we're not at school anymore and it's hard but the piece that got me through it all (it was my darkest moment I've ever had) was the first Piece I ever heard the Concert Band play when I was five and in year 1 and met Miss M for the first time

    I was luck enough to be on Percussion when we played it again and by gosh it's pretty!

    1. Oh Miss Evie, what a story. I'm so glad you were able to find peace in the midst of that difficult time. It sounds like it would be a beautiful piece of music. I'll go check it out!
      Blessings :)

  2. Thanks for tagging me, I will try do the post eventually. I do like and enjoy music but am not a musician or that knowledgeable when it comes to much to do with music.

    1. You're welcome! Fair enough. This is a cool tag because it not only suits people who play music, it suits people who don't! :) If you decide to do it, I'm looking forward to reading it. :)

  3. I play by ear mostly.
    Any song that I can "flow with". Any song that I don't really have to think about where to put my fingers, you know. Those are the songs I play when things get tough and I need a break.
    Some (of the songs) would include:
    All of me -by Matt Hammett
    Simple Gifts
    You Lift Me Up
    This is my Father's world

    1. These are awesome songs! Presumably you play them on the violin? I prefer playing by ear, too. :)

  4. Yay!! Thank you for tagging me!! I love music--so excited to do this tag! :) <3

  5. Thank you for the nomination! I will definitely think about doing this! :)

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

  6. I'm excited you did this music tag Bonnie! It was great to read your answers! (Even if I am late. :P)

    Ah, I really like your answer about what the purpose of music is! It can do so much, and fulfill so many purposes.. Music is amazing.

    Thanks again for doing the tag! :)

    1. It was really fun, thank you for tagging me! :)
      Have a blessed week.


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