Monday, 17 October 2016

Sleepout/Bedroom Tour

You guys have been asking me for a while to do a tour of my bedroom. Well, my bedroom is a sleepout, made by Ben, Johnny, Caleb, Dad and a family friend! Here's the tour of it just for you guys. Enjoy.

This is my bedroom!

Through the door.....

View from inside looking out the doors towards the house.

To your left as you go inside the doors, you'll see the beds. They take up most of the room in the sleepout. Danella's on the left and I'm on the right. The lovely quilt on my bed (the one on top) was a birthday gift made by my Aunty.

The bedside table. Lots of torches (because we don't have power out there yet), clocks and not much else! :) The painting on the table is Danella's - she bought it at an art market when we were in China.

View out the window above our beds. See our little solar lamp getting charged in the sun.

View from over by the beds to the rest of the sleepout. 

This chest of drawers is where we keep some clothes and bits and bobs! 

We both keep our jewellery in the pink boxes at the back. The photo is of me when I went to China. The brown date thing is actually accurate, I took these photos a wee while ago. :P The other things are just little animals Danella made (the mouse is knitted and the turtle crocheted), painted stones (I made the two that don't have a dove on them) and random things.

Danella's desk

My desk 
(the painting is mine - I purchased it at the same art market Danella got hers at!)

Bit of a closer look at some of the stuff on my desk. L-R. My old/foreign coin collection (that I don't have many coins in but I've had for absolutely ages so I can't bear to get rid of it), a box of odds and ends, my hair stuff organising drawers and my earring storage tree I made a while ago.

L-R. Hair stuff organising, earring storage, photo of me and Danella together and my scrapbooking supplies box. On top of my scrapbooking supplies box is some random bits of paper with Scripture on it that I am sort of in the middle of memorizing (but I actually left off memorizing it so I could work on my law exam stuff) :O and my these-books-are-really-good-and-I-should-get-round-to-reading-them pile.

And that's the sleepout! :) Don't worry, it's not normally that neat and tidy. For example, we seldom make our beds. But since they were going to be photographed I made them. And now you know all my secrets.

Is your room a mess? 
Do you /would you like to sleep in a sleepout?

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  1. My Room Is A HUGE MESS!
    When I first saw the pictures I thought, "Bonnie probably tidied the room so it would look clean in the pictures."
    I think it would be fun to sleep in a sleepout.

    1. You should go tidy your room. :P
      Haha I actually didn't tidy it much. I just made the bed and shoved some clothes in the drawers. I'm not really a messy person.
      It is fun! A bit annoying when half your stuff is in the house and half is in the sleepout though.

  2. My room is very seldom messy. The sleeping in a sleepout would be fun.

  3. What a cool room, probably is cold too, by the look of all those blankets! Thanks for giving us this tour. my room is generally clean but a bit cluttered, as I share it with my two just younger sisters. Luckily it is quite large though! But we filled up the space with bookshelves!

    1. Thanks! It is a bit chilly specially in winter. The weather is warming up now though which is really nice.
      Glad you enjoyed it!
      Also bookshelves are amazing. *moment of silence for the shelves carrying all our awesome books*

  4. That's so cool! Looks like a great bedroom :)

    Lorraine // Laurel Crowned

    1. It works pretty well for us. :) Thank you for stopping by!

  5. What a neat bedroom! It looks nice and cozy. :) Thanks for the tour!

  6. Wow it must so awesome to sleep out there! It looks so peaceful. Can I just come over there sometime?!? lol
    Ellie R.

    1. It's very peaceful! (except for when the animals get out and come and say hi (read: moo or neigh or bark) right outside the window... :P
      YESS!!! Come over sometime!

  7. Oh, what fun this tour of your bedroom was, Bonnie! What a fantastic place to sleep in...and all to yourselves too! {{Smiles}} Love all the special touches such as the paintings on the wall... Such a great way for you to enjoy your own space too...without bunching all the little children together in one room like we do because of my sewing business! Haha! Thank you for showing us around... Hugs to you, friend! And happy new week!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Kelly-Anne!
      Thank you for stopping in and brightening my day. :) Hugs to you, too! I have exams this week... gonna be fun.... :P

  8. So cute!!! I hate messes, so my room is actually pretty neat most of the time. :p I actually wish I could be more relaxed about it, but the mess just drives me crazy when I have to live with it. xD

  9. Thats cool! My room gets messy sometimes but its mostly because I'm busy and don't have time to clean it :D What state do you live in? I was wondering because of your cool accent :D


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