Wednesday, 29 October 2014

In Which I Present Something Funny and Muse On Christmas Shopping

I haven't posted something funny for absolutely yonks. So here you go, with my sincerest apologies and hopes that the funnies won't be so far apart in future.

Sophie and I are going Christmas shopping tomorrow. I have long known that it is extremely wise to do Christmas presents real early in our household, for several reasons that I can think of right now.

Firstly, because all the nicest wrapping paper gets used up speedily and if you want to give away pretty presents you need to get in quick. ;) Secondly, because there's nothing worse than coming up to Christmas with no presents and 11 people to get presents for.... that's a terrible place to be in and no mistake!! :D Hence why I'm super prepared this year.

I tidied up my 'valuable junk' drawer on Labour weekend. A whole lot of stuff that I didn't want/didn't need/could do without has been commandeered for Christmas presents for family members. That's just one more really good thing about having lots of siblings - there's always someone who will want what you don't anymore! Besides, it saves me money!! :D :D :D ;D

And all the people I didn't find presents for in my valuable junk drawer will hopefully be covered by tomorrow's shopping expedition. Then I can sit back and relax until Christmas, knowing all my presents are sorted. Ah, how nice it is to be prepared early! :)

Re-reading this post, there seems to be a lot of smiley faces. :P Sorry! (Actually, definitely not sorry.) I'm sure you, dear reader, won't mind terribly much, and even if you do, I don't care terribly much.

Can't wait for Christmas! Are you getting prepared for it early?
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  1. Ahhh, I love early Christmas shopping! Do you draw names for your family members? Welllll....I'm not quite ready.... ;) I do love the feeling of being finished! ;) lovely post!

    1. We usually get something small for each family member. :) Thanks for commenting, Sarah!


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