Monday, 20 October 2014

A + A // Bonnie the Spy

Because I just know you love reading all my awkward moments. Besides, you're intrigued by the title.


- Creeping up on someone, not intentionally, just accidentally. She turned around, saw me right behind her and screamed. I didn't realize she didn't know I was there. I think I would make a good spy.
- Me to a customer: "Would you like your sub fresh or toasted?" Customer: "Yes."
- When your sister literally knows what you are thinking. Literally. Kind of creepy but cool at the same time.
- Doing a cartwheel and accidentally banging a piece of furniture with your leg as you come down. I totally did not mean to do that. It was a shame, because it had been a particularly good specimen of a cartwheel before I donked my leg on the furniture and gave myself a bruise. :(
Pegging people. It's quite a fun thing to do and very addictive. However, it can backfire.
- Injuring yourself when you're trying to escape from someone who is trying to peg you. I mean, seriously?
- I even managed to break the door handle on one of our doors during a game of Gladiators (my brothers invented this game - it's basically just ruff-and-tumble but with sheets and blankets you try to 'trap' people in). This happened in the same day as the previous pegging injury. I have come to the conclusion that I am accident prone.
- Discovering that someone was near you when you were obliviously talking to yourself. "Oh no, I hope they didn't hear me say anything silly!" Too bad if they did....
- Standing on lego in the dark... more awful than awkward, I guess!
- Getting cramp in your leg because you were squished in a tiny cardboard house for too long at a friend's birthday party, then having a really sore leg for the rest of the day, including at a dance that evening.
- Feeling guilty about stalking someone on Facebook. Please tell me everyone does it at some point.
- When you're on offering and communion at Church but you don't end up sitting at the end of the aisle, so every time you have to leave the row to fulfill your offering and communion duties you have to push past the person on the end of the row.


- Squirty bottles full of water. Makes doing hair so much easier when you can just kind of spray water at it to tame the flyaways!
- Finding all about a camp that I didn't get to on from friends who did go. Thanks, guys! If I couldn't go myself, the next best thing is you telling me every little detail about it. :)
- Lemon and lime icecream on a super hot day. Best. Thing. Ever.
- Thinking up a really genius name for a game a friend created. It was actually really awesome. I was so pleased with myself for the whole rest of the day. :P
- 'Roses are red, violets are blue' poems. The number of poems that can be created out of this model is virtually limitless, and they can be made to fit almost any situation.
- Laurel and Hardy. Those guys are incredible actors and quite hilarious.
- Winning first prize at a local A and P show for a drawing I drew.
- Finishing an exam. That "Finally, done!" feeling.
- Really good orchestra rehearsals when you spend most of the time working on a hard piece and get a really accomplished feeling afterwards because it sounds a whole lot better than how it did at first!
- Family inside jokes.
- Cherry blossoms. Aren't they just so beautiful?

What's been awkward or awesome about your weekend?

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  1. These posts are nice because there's so much to talk about! Like stepping on LEGO - I've walked on a 'firewalk' of LEGO, but ours stays upstairs and out from underfoot. Most of it isn't bricks anyway. Stalking on Facebook is only bad if you like a very old post of theirs ;)

    1. Stepping on Lego is never good....
      Yeah, I'm very careful to keep my mouse away from any 'like' buttons. That's just too much of a giveaway. :P
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I stalk. Or at least I used to stalk. I decided to give it up because I'd rather have friends than subjects. Although I did have some great breakthroughs in my unofficial career…

    1. Haha, that made me laugh. :D Facebook is great for stalking on, it makes it so much easier! All the info about your subjec... no, friend, is right there in one place!


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