Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A + A // Sausage Rolls and {Cute} Little Yellow Cars

So I thought it must be just about time for another Awkward and Awesome post. While these posts spend days (even weeks!) in the draft pile waiting for me to think of more awkward and awesome points, I do enjoy writing them and hope you enjoy reading them. :)

- Trying to eat a sausage roll while friends were over for lunch. I tried to put the silly thing on my fork but I missed and accidentally pushed it off my plate on to the table. That was bad enough, but then a guest who happened to be sitting beside me commented "I do that all the time.", obviously trying to lighten up the awkward moment. Oh bother. I had hoped nobody saw what had happened...
- Member of our family: "I don't know nothing." If he doesn't know nothing, then surely that means he must know something?!?
- Struggling to put my thoughts into words. There is so much I want to say to you lovely blog readers but I just can't get it out sensibly on paper (or in this case, on post).
- Meeting someone for the second time. I totally could not for the life of me remember his name, although he knew me instantly and said my name straight off the bat. Me: "Sorry, what was your name again?" He told me. That was a couple of days ago. Sitting here at the computer right now I can not remember his name. Meeting him for the third time is going to be really awkward.
- At work today. A customer walks in with a whole gang of his mates and asks "What's in the ham sub?" I answer, perfectly straight faced, "Ham". His mates all burst into hysterical laughter and the poor chap goes bright red. I felt a bit bad for helping embarrass him in front of his friends but it was quite funny... (Turned out he actually wanted to know what was in the pizza sub, which, just in case you were wondering, is salami and pepperoni. He just said ham without thinking.)
- Leaving some roses chocolates on the bench at work for my workmates. I was just finishing my shift and one of my workmates was just starting. She walked in, saw the chocolates straight away and said immediately "Awww, that's so sweet! Who left these??" I couldn't say "I don't know" or "nobody" because I did know. It was me. But I had wanted her to notice them when I had gone and was safely away. It was such a shame. I had to blow my cover and tell her I left them when I had wanted it to be a random act of kindness that nobody knew who had done.
- Telling my family that a little yellow car we saw in a car sales yard "looks really cute". I have a feeling my family just thought that was so weird. It was cute though.

- Sausage rolls, embarrassing as they are :P
- Seeing the delighted grin on the face of your four year old brother as he excitedly opens his presents on his birthday. He is just so thrilled, which makes me happy.
- Theological debates with awesome friends who can pose some tough questions. It's all good, I actually really love it.
- Sitting behind the wheel of the car. Although I've done it quite a few times now, I am still nowhere near very good at all and am quite the terror on the road! It gives one such a feeling of power... rather scary though.
- Cute little yellow cars
- Workmates who tell you you're wonderful
- Finding out that people you know are expecting a baby. So exciting... the miracle of new life! :D
- The warmer weather. Yay for barefeet and shorts!
- Getting home from work and smelling tea cooking.
- Sparkly nail polish
- Chatting to a random customer and finding out what it's like being a pilot and flying planes. It was actually really interesting. You learn a lot in a job like mine. :D
- Discovering about an old family heirloom that I never knew existed in the family connection

- I then asked several people around me what they think is awesome -

- A pogo stick, according to Jacob
- Grilled streaky bacon, God's love, new socks, a cold drink on a hot day, friendship and companionship, a great dinner and a warm duvet, according to a friend I was chatting to while writing up this blog post
- My sisters, sunny weather to ride horses in and measuring horses, according to Abbie
- Me, according to Sophie (Thanks Sophie, this made my day!)
- Nerf guns, archery, ICONZ, swimming, Lego and chocolate, according to Ben

What would you say if I asked you what you think is awkward or awesome?

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  1. I love these posts! They are so fun to read! :)

  2. Awkward: the silences at the table ;)

    Awesome: learning a new game.

    1. They were rather awkward, weren't they! Playing Trans Europa was fun. :)


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