Thursday, 23 October 2014

Bonnie's Top Ten Life Tips

My top ten life tips.

1. Read your Bible every day, meditate on what you read and pray every day.

2. Always make your bed in the morning. If you don't, and you get surprise visitors, you'll wish you had.

3. Always put the jug on before you start doing the dishes. You'll find some use for the hot water.

4. When taking photos, it pays to tell everyone in the shot to smile.

5. Never allow yourself a number different from five pieces of chocolate at once. Any less and it's depriving. Any more and you start to feel annoyed at yourself for eating too much.

6. Always smile at strangers. They might turn out to be a famous person in disguise. Also, always smile when you see yourself in a mirror.

7. When putting a sharp knife in the dishwasher, make sure you put it blade-down, handle-up. Otherwise you might reach in to grab it (when the dishwasher is finished) and cut yourself.

8. Practice writing your signature then stick to it. Don't be like me, who has a different signature every time I sign something.

9. Sing (or whistle, if your family can stand it) when you're doing the dishes. It makes the time go quicker.

10. Always comment on blog posts. It makes the blogger's day.

What are your life tips?
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  1. Well, I shall comment, just to make your day! :D
    btw 5 pieces of chocolate is not enough- I never feel bad about eating chocolate! ;)

    1. My day is accordingly made. :D Thanks, Anon!! You're awesome. :)
      You're lucky if you don't feel bad about eating chocolate, I absolutely love chocolate but I feel it is slightly gluttonish to eat too much at once. My record is an entire block in one sitting, so I can eat lots if I want to, but why not save the rest for another time??? ;)


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