Saturday, 1 November 2014

Skydiving and the Splits

How are you all this weekend? My week has been busy (like always!) and I've been looking forward to the weekend very much. Now it's here, yay!!

Seeing…I always think this question is so strange. How can I be seeing anything other than what I'm typing, on the computer screen?
Hearing… Danella playing the harp in the background. It's a lovely sound.
Tasting… fried potato with tuscan seasoning.
Feeling… very tired, but very excited and very happy. :)
Thinking… of epic pun battles. So much pun-ishment. But absolutely pun-tastic.
Laughing… at the funny things family members say. Not just the little kids, I might add.
Recovering… from stretching hard out all week. I can now happily report I can do the splits again, after over 6 months of not being able to. It's quite a good feeling.
Anticipating… my skydiving trip! :) Yeah, you didn't know I'm going skydiving, did you??? It's going to be sometime early next year, hopefully.
Praying… that I don't freak out when I'm about to jump out of the plane.
Dreaming… of a white christmas... na, just kidding. :) Here in sunny NZ we get a lovely summery christmas!! In less than two months! I'm excited! Are you???
Reading… My facebook news feed.... someone's engaged and someone's just had a baby! :D :D :D
Singing… "Make me like you"
Wearing… a pink t-shirt and a grey skirt
Preparing… this blog post, duh.
Googling… the time difference between South Africa and NZ
Working… very hard on this blog post, as you can see ;)
Sewing… absolutely zilch
Suffering… the agony of overstretching and man, it hurts. But still totally worth it.
Practicing… the splits again! I am so not going to go out of practice again.

I cut some of the verbs from the list because I couldn't think of anything to put next to them. :)

Hoping your weekend is wonderful!

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  1. I thought you'd be going skydiving sooner.
    When you're diving, I suppose you'll ask your buddy "What's up?" and they'll say "Me!"

    1. I did want to do it sooner, but one of the friends coming with me can't do it until next year, so I'm waiting a bit. :)
      Haha, I totally will. :)


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