Saturday, 8 November 2014

A + A // Hand Cream Everywhere + Maybe They Named Their Baby Floppywoppy

Time for another awkward and awesome post, peoples! I find myself going through my day stopping every so often thinking "Oh! That would be a good 'awkward' moment for a blog post" or "That was truly awesome". So I had better provide you with some of my awkward and awesome moments before I forget them! :) Enjoy.

- Trying hard for a long, long time to think of a suitable pun retort to a pun-loaded statement by another person. I couldn't think of anything. Whatsoever.
- Spending ages filling up all the sauce bottles at work, then actually managing to hold them all in my arms at once on the way to put them away. However, I neglected to make sure they were secure in my arms and I dropped them all on the floor. All of them. Don't ever do that, friends. It's so much more worth it to carry them in two separate trips and not risk dropping them.
- That moment when you are deeply engrossed in what you are doing, then you suddenly become aware of the silence around you and look up. Everyone in the room is watching you."Um, did someone say something to me?"
- Squeezing a tube of hand cream just a little too hard.. virtually the entire contents of the tube come out and you have this absolutely humungous mess of hand cream everywhere.
- Reading a whole bunch of reviews on Amazon for sugar free gummy bears. (Here, if you are that way inclined.) Oh. My. Goodness.
- Feeling like you are about to faint and hoping earnestly you don't. ("What will those people think of me if I suddenly keel over and land splat on the floor?") Thankfully, I didn't faint.
- Sharing one of my my most embarrassing moment ever with someone then being hit with remorse afterward. Why on earth did I share that??? Why did they need to know? Why can't I keep my mouth shut? .. . hopefully the entire world won't know it now....
- Assuming that a person is a certain age because they look a certain age. Then being told that, actually, no, they are ten years older than you think they are.
- Mum: "No, they might not have named their baby what you thought they did. They might have picked a different name, like Floppywoppy."
- When you are at orchestra and you mishear some important information. I thought they were going to start from bar 24 when they started at bar 4. I played this very loud chord when everyone was supposed to be silent. And wished I could sink through the floor.

- Christmas carols!! Yay for Christmas carols! Double yay for Christmas carols! Triple yay for..... (etc, etc)  yeah, I think you get the idea.
- Pranking! We substituted the victim's icecream for frozen mayonnaise. It went beautifully.
- Doing Christmas crafts with Lydia and Caleb. Here's a sneaky peek of what we were up to. Those flowers were made out of empty toilet paper rolls.

- Decorating our bedrooms all Christmassy.
- Discussing bacon, avocado and tomato sandwiches with a friend. Does it get any better than this????
- Rhododendrons flowering... so beautiful!
- Writing poetry. That not only rhymes but the syllables actually work (for once!) and it makes sense. It's a good feeling.
- Caramello chocolate.
- The smell of double delight roses. We have a bush of them flowering outside our kitchen window. I just wish I could bottle up some of the smell and send it to you via this blog post! It's such a gorgeous smell and they are so pretty too. Here's a photo, you'll just have to imagine the smell. :)

- Giving someone help with their computer. I'm not much of a computer whiz really (no computer whiz genes in me at all, folks!) but I do know how to do most of the basics. It feels good when you can pass on information to others and know that you're saving them a lot of hassle of working it out themselves.
- Knowing that whatever problems we have, we can take them to Jesus whenever and however. And he's always going to listen. :)

Any awkward or awesome moments for you recently? Do share!
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