Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Two Breaks

This post is about two breaks.

One is a broken arm. The other is a blogging break.

The Broken Arm
So, on Monday (Queen's Birthday holiday) Caleb was trying out the new skate park real close to where we live. Ben and Johnny had been on it before, but Caleb hadn't. Anyway, he went up this ramp on his bike and didn't realize it's one of those ones that kind of stops in midair (you know the ones?). So he kept going and the ramp didn't. He now has a cast on his arm.

The Blogging Break
I won't be stopping blogging for long, hopefully! Just for a few days (Lord willing) while I get some stuff done. I have been away a lot recently, you know! I won't abandon you forever though. I will be back. :D


  1. Jon broke his foot the same day!!

    1. So I heard! It's funny how they both happened the same day. Caleb has a red cast on right now.


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