Sunday, 22 June 2014

A + A

Here's another awkward and awesome post for you guys.

By the way, all the 'awkwards' and 'awesomes' are not just thought of on the spur of the moment. I build them up over a series of days or weeks until I have enough to post them. :D


- When you're tired and you can't think of the right word to say so you just make up a completely new one and hope the other person doesn't notice. (They noticed.)

- When you're emailing a friend about something you feel strongly about (and they hold the opposing viewpoint) then they email back and give you a massively amazing argument that you can't refute, so you just leave the email and don't reply and wish you knew what to say!

- Being asked to play the violin for people, then stupidly choosing a piece that you haven't practiced enough but sounds really amazing if it works. You guessed it, I botched it up. That's what I get for not picking an easier piece that I can play better.

- Telling someone you are super excited about something and not being sure if they share your sentiments. "Um, so are you excited too?" "Yeah, I guess so." Whoops!

- Not being able to find something... so you hunt around for about twenty minutes and then you discover after all that looking that it was so close to where you were in the first place and if you had raised your eyes just a tiny smidgen then you would have seen it on the shelf above you. -_-

- Answering questions about being in a big family. "How big is your house?" "What's it like with all those siblings?" "How does your Mum cope?" "Do you fight with each other?" "Wow, homeschoolers are so smart. (seriously, what do you say to that one?)" "Do you help with the running of the family?" "Do you actually help cook?"  "Are your siblings annoying?" "What time do you get up in the morning?" "How does it work?" Etcetera.

- Conversations around the dinner table. They can be quite hilarious. :D

- When you answer the phone and the other person says "Hi, it's me" and you haven't got the faintest idea who 'me' is. Then you decide the person is your friend so you start chatting brightly until you stop for a breath and 'me' buts in and tells you who they really are. It was my boss.

- That awkward 'standing around moment' at someone's house while you're waiting for your parent to pick you up.

- When you are hoping against hope that you will be given permission to do something awesome.... then your 'permission' is "We'll see." Well, at least it wasn't "No".


- Being super excited about something that is completely awesome!!! :D :D :D

- Feeling like you should pray for someone, so praying for them and finding out a couple of days later that they were going through a really hard time just then. God's timing is amazing.

- I've been told I use too many exclamation marks. !!! I don't particularly care though. Exclamation marks are awesome. Perhaps I should reduce them just a little, however...

- Seeing Jana's face light up when she sees the 15 candles on a birthday cake.

- Sponge cake and whipped cream.

- Being able to finish heaps and heaps of your law course in a surprisingly short space of time and feeling really happy. :)

- Finding out you've won first prize in a competition. That's a pretty cool feeling.

- Looking with satisfaction on a clean room. Ah, the joys of housecleaning.

- Remembering songs you used to sing from when you were a little kid and going around the house singing them... then all the siblings who hear you who remember those songs join in, too.

- Filling up an entire page in your diary with Kilroy doodles... I've got the bug bad!

- Psalm 16:11

That's all for now folks... have a great day!

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