Monday, 30 June 2014

This Big Family

A while ago I wrote a post about the funny questions we get asked because we are homeschoolers (here). You readers obviously really enjoyed that because that post has been one of my most popular posts ever posted since my blog began!! Anyway, I thought it might be cool to post about some of the funny questions we get asked because we are part of a big family. It's kind of similar to the other one, but still different. :D

"Ten of you? Are you sure?"
(No, actually I can't remember.)

"My aunt/uncle/grandparent/parent/sibling/close relation/distant relation/friend/acquaintance/business partner/workmate had a family with (anywhere from about 5 to about 15) children."
(It's funny how people always come up with someone they know who has a big family, too. :D )

"What sort of vehicle do you drive?"

"Do you fight with each other / Are you well behaved / Do you get along well?"

"Do you all go to different schools?"

(Usually spoken to Mum or Dad) "Can you remember all their ages and birthdays?"

"How old is the oldest / How old is the youngest / What are the names and ages / What is the age gap?"

"Ten! That's so cool. You must have so much fun together."
(Yes, that is quite true. I feel sorry for people in smaller families because I know how awesome a big family is!)

"You must have a maaaaassive house."

"How does your Mum do it?"
(With lots of prayer... )

"What's it like being in a big family?"
(What's it like being in a small family?)

"No, don't bother telling me all their names. I won't be able to remember them."

"Imagine the massive family reunions you're going to have when they're all grown up and married!"
(It's going to be awesome!!!)

"Do you have to share a bedroom?"

"How do you cope with the laundry/dishes/housework?"
(That's what kids are for!!)

"Don't you wish you didn't have so many siblings?"
(Not on your life!)

"Do you have to do chores?"

Are you part of a big family? Do you get asked these sorts of questions?


  1. Some of them! I'm one of 7 children AND we're homeschooled, AND my dad just recently became a pastor. Yup.

  2. We foster lots of kids, and sometimes there is 10 of us - people would often ask us if we were Catholic! Apparently Catholics have large families....
    They would also ask how we hadn't killed each other yet, or how our parents even managed to take us anywhere without losing us (Funnily enough they have forgotten at least 1 of us multiple times)
    Also whether we all get an even amount of attention from our parents . . . surely the answer to that is obvious?

    1. I know! We often get asked the same things. :D
      I remember one occasion when we forgot someone. (It's happened more than once though.) We were leaving from an extended family gathering and we got about half way home when one of us noticed a seat was empty. So back we had to go to find the missing brother. It turned out he was playing with his similar-aged cousin and our cousin's family had driven off, forgetting him as well - and they only have four children to remember!

  3. We get very similar questions. Here's a video by a large family about the questions they get asked,

    1. Thank you for sharing that, Tobias! I have seen that before, ages ago, but I watched it again and laughed over it. It's good, isn't it!


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