Sunday, 8 June 2014

Guest Post: Surely Not

Hello everyone!
Well now I'm back from my very short break with a wonderful guest post written by my awesome sister, Danella. Today both her and I are guest posting on each other's blogs (you'll find me over at her blog Footprints in the Sand) with our different writings on Jesus's first miracle, turning the water into wine at a wedding in Cana, Galilee. (You'll find it in the Bible at John 2:1-11.)

Are you excited? I am!

Surely Not
by Danella Smithies
“Susannah dear, how gorgeous that new gown looks!” remarked Martha in the lordly manner she frequently adopted.
I paused to adjust the rich sequined collar then returned the compliment, saying that her deep purple attire matched her eyes ‘so beautifully’.  I said it, but I didn’t mean it.  I was certain that the effect my adornments created entirely surpassed that of the woman seated opposite me.

“Lydia, would you try these tarts?  They are simply delightful,” I said to a young, yet elegantly dressed girl.  She smiled warmly and shyly accepted the invitation.

A servant girl came and after depositing a tray laden with a variety of delicate viands she proceeded to gather up the empty dishes.  I reached for some fruit then turned to the girl and ordered more wine for the ladies at our table.  Apologizing profusely she explained that they were entirely out of wine, but there was plenty more food if we wanted it.  I tossed my head disdainfully.

“What a dreadful shame,” mused Martha aloud, “that they would be so unthoughtful as to neglect the proper care of their guests.  I would never have thought Rachel capable of such a thing.”  The others all expressed like sentiments and then the talk turned to other matters.

I sighed quietly.  Without wine, I thought, there couldn’t possibly be the usual festivities that accompanied traditional weddings.  The celebrations had hardly lasted a week and now there was no wine to keep everyone entertained.

On the other side of the room some guests started leaving.  I heard them say something about ‘going somewhere where they would be respected and treated as guests should be.’ Glancing across at the sundial positioned in a nearby courtyard, I decided that perhaps I had better leave also.  As I stood up, I heard the sound of excited voices and turned to see several servants conversing behind us, then the girl waiting on our table came over and put a large quantity of wine in the centre of the table.  After pouring a glass for Lydia I looked questioningly up at the servant.  “So you found some wine?”

“No, ma’am, we were all out of wine, until an awesome thing happened.”  Pointing over to where the ‘lower-class’ villagers were dining, she continued, “A young man over there came and his mother instructed us to do what he told us.  We thought he would tell us where there might be a secret stash of wine, but instead he gave us the job of filling the water barrels.  When we drew some out of them, it had become wine.”

I turned back to the ladies and noticed that most of them were looking slightly pale.  I had a strange feeling of wonder and longing that I couldn’t quite reason away.  Something deep within me wanted to believe but I was struggling to grasp what had happened.  I suddenly felt all unsettled and empty.  Maybe this was some supernatural happening?  

About the author // Danella
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Danella is the third eldest in a homeschooling family of ten children. She is currently studying Chinese part-time and is enjoying the challenge! She also enjoys playing the harp and piano, painting and puzzling over puzzling maths problems. She blogs at Footprints In The Sand.

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