Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ultra Busy

The title says it all! Recently I have been super-ultra-busy. What with my usual chores, my job, my course (it's just started), trying to write a speech, packing for a bike trip this weekend and just trying to keep on top of everything I am supposed to keep on top of, life has been super busy!

Date... March 6th 2014 (Tomorrow is Dad's birthday!)

Starting time... 1:50pm

Mood... tired

Outside my window... the jigger swing and some bushes

I'm thinking... trying to concentrate on typing plus thinking about the possibilities of something I'm hoping to do at the public speaking group as well as listening to Danella plan the packing list

I'm currently reading... Writing Mysteries, edited by Sue Grafton (lots of authors)... really good book!

I'm listening to... lots of things.

I'm wearing... a long comfortable flowy brown skirt and a purple stripy top.

I'm looking forward to... when life goes back to normal!

I'm hoping... Daddy has a wonderful birthday

Yesterday, I... got the aforementioned book out of the library

I'm hungry for... chocolate

The song stuck in my head is... It is Well with my Soul (I have been singing it a lot recently)

I love... the non-tired feeling

I loathe... mushy zucchini

Picture of the week...

Hijinks on the trampoline

How is your week going?


  1. That's a good picture! :D
    My week's going well thanks.

    1. Thank you... I think Danella took it.

  2. Chocolate? Ah, may I suggest that you visit us soon? It so happens that we were gifted a large tub/container of the most delicious Hawaiian dark/milk/caramel chocolate covered macadamia nuts. So. Good.

    If I could email chocolates, then you would have some on your lap right now.. Lol.

    Mushy zucchini? I find that zucchinis work wonderfully in chocolate cakes. It makes them stay moist for up to a week!

    1. Oooh... *drools*

      If I could be emailed chocolates, I would probably pay the inventor of that device quite a lot, lol!!

      Mushy zucchini works in cake, but not anything else.

  3. Fine, thanks!
    What's the course you're doing? I've just started Tertiary Study Skills with the Open Polytech.

    1. Open Polytech as well! :) I'm doing Legal Executive.


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