Sunday, 16 March 2014

Fun with Favicons

So you know what a favicon is, right? That little icon to the left of the tab you have open?

From this website:


Favicon (Favorites Icon) is the small picture (usually 16px x 16px in size) you see beside some some site's name in your browser's address bar. Having your own favicon with a nice graphical reminder of your site beside is a good way to get visitors attention. Blogger users can add a custom favicon for their blogs going to the Layout section and by clicking on the Edit link on the "Favicon" element.

Step 1. Log in to your Blogger's Dashboard, go to the Layout and click on Add a Gadget link

Step 2. Click on the "Edit" link on the "Favicon" setting above the navbar element.

Step 3. A popup window will open where you can search for an image in your hard drive to replace the default favicon image. Click on "Browse" button and search for your favicon (it should have the .ico extension) - then click on "Save".

Step 4. Now you should see your own favicon instead of blogger's default favicon.

It might take some time until your new favicon will appear in your Browser's tab or window.

So that's all good, right? Thank you to Blogger Help for hosting that little how-to. (Actually, I lifted it off their page).

When I decided to get a favicon, I knew I wanted one. Every cool blog had a favicon. Except mine. So I researched how to do it, uploaded the picture I wanted... or tried to. Do you know how hard it is to find a favicon that fits in with your colour scheme? This blog has an awesome favicon that works really well for their blog and colour scheme. (Oh, and so does this one.) So since I couldn't find a picture that I liked, I just found a picture I didn't like. Hence the use of this picture for my favicon.

Isn't it a lovely picture? It's a beautiful violin... and would be a beautiful picture for a favicon for any blog really. Except I don't think it quite works for mine.

What should I do? Should I leave it how it is? Or try and find something that works for me better? Or change my colour scheme to suit the favicon? Opinions, please!


  1. Thanks for the link to JOJ--and you've reminded me that I need to update the favicon because it was from an older theme. :)

    One part of your post didn't make sense, though: "So since I couldn't find a picture that I liked, I just found a picture I didn't like." Then in the next paragraph you said you really liked it. Is that a typo? :)

    I think you should change it to perhaps, oh, a butterfly or a purple flower. :) But that's just my opinion. :)

    1. Oh, I probably didn't make that very clear. I love the picture itself. It's a beautiful picture of a beautiful instrument. I just don't like how it doesn't work with the colour scheme!

      A purple flower would be nice.


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