Saturday, 29 March 2014

5 Brilliant Hide-And-Seek Strategies

1. Hide just inside the boundaries.

We often play hide and seek just down our hallway and in the bedrooms and make the garage outside the boundaries. This makes the jacket (coat) wall a brilliant place to hide because it's right next to the garage door. Because it's so close to the boundary, the searcher will often walk right past you when you are crouching behind a hook full of jackets!

Our jacket wall is a little more crowded than this one....

2. Be a Box

Oh, this is a fun one. You probably have beds in your house that don't have anything underneath them, right? They become the places to hide. Here's a secret. Hide under a bed that has stuff underneath it. One of the bunk beds in our house has a whole row of boxes underneath. So here is what you do. You first push all the boxes out a little so there is room for you behind them. Then you wiggle in and hide behind them. If you can get someone else to help you, get them to push the boxes back in as far as they will go to avoid suspicion from the searcher. You'll find this works really well, because the searcher will expect there to be just boxes underneath the bed, not boxes and people!

Under these beds would not be a good place to hide.

3. Evasive Strategies

If you are stuck for a brilliant place to hide, don't worry. Move around. You can always tell where the searcher is because they will make noises. No matter how quiet they try to be, there will always be footsteps, breathing etc. Hide in one room to begin with. When the searcher has searched through several other rooms, sneak out of your current hiding place and position yourself in one of the rooms that has already been searched through. When the searcher has combed every room and still not found you, repeat the move because they will probably make a second search.

4. In Trees

Most of the time we play our Hide-and-Seek games indoors. However, if you feel so inclined to play outdoors, welcome the idea. Outside is way more fun. There are usually more places to hide. (Even better is to play an indoor and outdoor game!) A good example is inside a tree. If you are lucky enough to have mature, clime-able trees in the area in which you desire to play a game of Hide-and-Seek, then your problems are over. Unless the searcher has been reading my blog post, they probably won't think to look high in trees. 

I have no idea where this tree is, but it would be awesome for hiding in.

5. Use Camouflage

It may go without saying, but wearing a bright pink t-shirt when you are trying to hide in a tree is just asking for trouble. Wear dark colours or camouflage like the army. If you can't (or won't), then I would suggest you either find a place to hide in that does not require camouflage clothing (such as under a bed surrounded by boxes) or be the searcher. :) Someone must hunt out those camouflaged hiders.

This cat has flawless camouflage.

What are your foolproof hiding places and strategies?


  1. Stephen and I have a great outdoor hiding place. ;-)

    1. Care to spill the beans???

  2. Ah, no. I'd rather not.

  3. My favourite is following around behind the searcher. Also, if you are playing inside, under a table between the chairs is good :-)


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