Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Castle Cake + Smiles + Lego + Sam + Origami + Butterflies (I think that covered everything!)

It was a rainy and wet Sunday afternoon when Cyclone Lusi hit Canterbury. What do you do on rainy and wet Sunday afternoons? You take photos of your adorably cute wee sister who just turned 6 weeks old that day, of course! Also among the collection of photos are just random photos from this afternoon and photos from Lydia's birthday a few days ago.

Lydia's cake, made by Sophie.

Caleb, Ben and Johnny

Sam the springer spaniel

Whoever thinks only little dogs can be cute are completely wrong.

Butterfly hairbands = awesome birthday presents for little girls

A big 8 year old now!

A collection of Sophie's origami projects

Jana lying in the bouncinet

I spent SO LONG trying to get her to smile for the camera... literally. This is the only one I have. Excuse the funny eyes.... but isn't she cute? She smiles lots now (but not much for the camera)!

What are you looking at?

Cuteness overload for your last picture. :) You're welcome.

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