Monday, 10 March 2014

Photos from the Bike Trip

I think I've already had a post with this name. So this is Photos from the Bike Trip the Second.

In this trip we started out from Burwood, biked along QEII drive and up Marshlands Road. Then we crossed the Waimak River and turned onto Tram Road somewhere after that. For most of the day (multiple hours!) we ended up biking down South Eyre Road in the heat. South Eyre Road is long and straight and hot. Then we passed the Oxford turnoff and I don't remember the names of the next few roads but we basically biked a total of 65 km that day and ended up at the Waimakariri Gorge, where we camped overnight. The second day we biked roughly the same amount of kilometres, although we took a different route. We went up Old West Coast Road most of the day, then through McLeans Island (past Orana Park) and round the airport. We went up Sawyers Arms Road and along QEII Road to finish up back in Burwood where we began.

It was quite an enjoyable trip, as our pictures probably show. My favourite part was when we were at the Waimakariri Gorge.

On the road... 

Laura showing Danella a funny photo of me

Rest stop (and map check) just before the Waimak River crossing

A quick check of the surroundings

Crossing the Waimak River

A morning tea break at Silverstream Reserve

Another break, this time for lunch

The two 'Shadow parties' - Mr Ngarmkam and Mr Brand

We get a wave!

Some curious cows along South Eyre Road

And... we're there! Filling up/filtering some bottles of water.

View from the Gorge Bridge

The other direction

We went for a walk after tea to see the other side of the Gorge. Apparently not many people take photos from this side of the river.

Our campsite (the purple tent was the girls tent)

Some of us on top of the Gorge Bridge (Caleb and I were down the bottom looking up at them)

What do you think? Would you like to see more photos?

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