Monday, 31 March 2014

Changes Competition

You may or may not have noticed some of the changes that have been going on here recently. I have changed some major stuff and some minor stuff.

Your task:

Figure out what I changed!

There are two easy ways to enter this competition.

1. Comment

2. Contact Me Directly

(You may want to contact me directly if you think you know the answers and you don't want anyone else to steal them. If you comment then anyone else is freely allowed to steal your ideas.)

There is a prize for the winner...

The Rules.
There are (to give you an idea) at least 7 separate things I am looking for. The person with the most right will win.
There is no official deadline. I reserve the right to change, modify and close the competition when I see fit. It's likely to be ended in a few days time. If I were you I'd get in quick.
The winner's prize instructions will be emailed to them.
If you need help (or don't think I changed anything) then email me and I just might give you a hint. Or two. ;)
Cheat at your own risk.
Each of the changes were made on Sunday the 30th of March 2014. Any changes made before that date will not be counted.

Have fun!


  1. 1. You changed the comment form message
    2. You lengthened your about me page
    3. You changed the ABC123 page to a guestbook page
    4. You added a contact me page
    5. You changed the blog background

    Just some guesses. I can't really remember how it was before!

    1. Thank you for entering, Esther!

    2. By the way (on a completely different topic), my brothers would really like it if you could post another post of riddles (like you did a while ago []). :)

    3. Thanks for the suggestion, Esther! I'll have to get my thinking cap on and see if I can find some more riddles to post. Hopefully sometime in the near future. ;) Do you reckon I should make it a mini competition like I kind of did the last one?

  2. Sent you an email with my guesses.

  3. Emailed you, but forgot to say- did you just add the follow or search to the top of the sidebar? I can't see everything because the pictures won't all load :-)

    1. Received an email with your guesses and have emailed back, thanks! :)


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