Saturday, 18 January 2014

My 26 Thankfulnesses (2)

This is one of those annoying "Part 1 of" posts. In this case, it is part 2 of 5.

I titled it My 26 Thankfulnesses. Why? Well, you'll see. How? You'll see that too, hopefully!

Partly because I missed GreaThings, and partly because it's a neat thing to do, I'm going through the alphabet and thanking God for at least one thing beginning with each letter. (You're probably thinking that at X I'm gong to be thanking God for x-rays, but just wait and see!)

If you want to see part one, it's the post directly before this one. :) In that one I did A, B, C, D and E.


Firemen to fight our fires for us
Fledgeling birds, like baby budgies. So cute!
Flowers, in particular fuchsias
Polar Fleece sweatshirts to wear when it is cold (Fleece is the F, not the P for Polar!)
Flying foxes... rushing through the air... a feeling so awesome.

First and most important, God!
Giant icecreams... mmmm.
Goldfish. They are such a beautiful colour.

Gobbledygook. Sometimes it's fun to talk nonsense!
Grandparents... what wonderful people.

Hugs. Big ones.

Hair, because otherwise everyone would be bald. :)
Harp music, the tinkling of angels.
Hazel. It's such a pretty colour. There's so much depth in it.

Intelligence, that God has given us.
Icecream, I know I said this before, but there's absolutely nothing like biting into it. A great chunk. Delicious. Mmm.

Imagination! I don't know how people live without an imagination!
Infants to cuddle. A special new life.
Ivy. I know lots of people regard it as a pest but I love it.

Jesus.... my King... my Lord... my God... my Saviour.
Jelly! It's just so... wobbly.

A Journal to write in.
Johnny and Jacob
Jandals, or flipflops as some people say.
Joy. There's not point being sad all the time when you can be joyful!

A kaleidoscope. Have you every looked through one of these before?

Keys to unlock doors. I love turning keys.
Kittens that are really cute! And even ones that aren't really cute.
Kites to fly. There's something so free about a kite, wheeling it's way up there in the sky. It looks like so much fun!

And I'll be back soon... back from camp, back with another Thankfulnesses post!

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  1. Imagination... everyone should get one! :)

  2. "Kites to fly. There's something so free about a kite, wheeling it's way up there in the sky. It looks like so much fun!"

    Have you ever flown a kite? I have--a few times. There's something wonderful about feeling the pull of the kite in your hands.

    1. I'm sorry I didn't make it very clear when I wrote this post... I realise it sounds like I've never flown a kite before! I was meaning it looks like it would be fun to be a kite.. not that it would be fun to fly one! (Although it is fun to fly kites, lol!) Yes, I have flown a kite before, and it's awesome. :) Sorry about the meaning not being very clear.


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