Thursday, 9 January 2014

Delectable Delicacies

On Saturday we got a whole pile of tomatoes that were in urgent need of being made into sauce! So what do you think we did? Yup. We sourced (sauced) a recipe for sauce (we'll actually, we got it off Grandma who makes the most amazing tomato sauce you ever did taste in your whole life). And Danella spent an afternoon slaving over a hot stove making bottles of tomato sauce!

I thought you probably are in one of two camps right now.

1. Those who do not have a tomato sauce recipe and wish to have one
2. Those who have a tomato sauce recipe and wish to get another one


I have below Grandma's delectable tomato sauce recipe, specially tailored to suit those in both of the camps. So everyone is happy!!

Tomato Sauce - Grandma's recipe

8lb ripe tomatoes
4 oz salt (common salt, not iodized)
1 pint vinegar
2 lb white sugar
4 large onions
1 packet (25 g) pickling spice

Cut up tomatoes. Tie spices in a little muslin bag or hanky. Put all ingredients in a pot or pan and boil for 3 hours, stirring frequently. When it is done cooking, take spices out and put sauce through a mouli. After you have done that, bottle the sauce. Put the lids on when the sauces are cold.

This sauce is seriously wonderful. Why would anyone want to buy it when they can have the fun of making something that tastes a million (no exaggerating, I promise) times better?

Use it for eating on fish, sausages, meat (cold meat and tomato sauce is a match made in heaven), fritters, quiche... the list is endless!


  1. Hmm...this might just be landing on my "try someday" list! :)


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