Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Results - part 2

Continuing on backwards, here we have the results for the Quiz Time section two. This was probably the most difficult of all the quizzes, for in this one I gave you different quotes said by various members of our family. Your task was to ascertain who said what.

Below I have the different quotes, followed in brackets by the name of the person who said it.

Oh - and before I forget, I'd better say that most of these quotes were said at a very young age. The two that I said, for example (yes, I said two of them) were said many years ago!!

Here we go.

Item 1: "We eat Easter Eggs to make Jesus happy."

Item 2: "I told Daddy that I had a sore tummy and he said it was because I had too many cream puffs. He has a heartless heart."

Item 3: (After being told that he needed to go outside and get some fresh air) "I'm full of fresh air. I can't have any more. I've got no more room."

Item 4: "I get on my bed with the raspberry flop." (This person meant the Fosbury flop, high jumping technique!)

Item 5: "Do you know how I know that? Because I knew it, that's why."

Item 6: "(insert certain friend's name) is nice. She's the same age as me but older."

So here we have the results. 

Danella: 1 correct
Sayna: 1 correct
matthewmischewski: A good try

Are you surprised as to who said what?? :) Watch out for the results part 3, which is the overall score tally!

Oh, and -

Happy New Year!!!

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