Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My 26 Thankfulnesses (3)

I'm back from camp now (*cue applause*) and here is the third of the 26 Thankfulnesses posts!

Laughter. I have heard it said that a day without laughter is a day wasted!
Legs to take us places. They are actually quite helpful things.
Love. From others, from me, from God!
Lavender. Doesn't it have such a lovely smell?


Loaves of bread. Mmmm.
Lydia. She is such a beautiful girl and a wonderful sister.
Libraries... full of books!

Massage. Daddy massages my neck and shoulders when they are stiff and sore and boy, it feels wonderful.
Meadows full of flowers. I was looking for a photo of this for you, but I couldn't decide which one to use because they are all so nice! So here are all of them for you, here. I think my favourite one is this one.


Mud! Although it's nice to be clean and neat, sometimes it's fun to chuck mud around and have a mudfight! It's so enjoyable. :)

Names. I am glad I have a name. I'm sure you are too! They can be helpful things at times.
Notebooks to write in. I write in my diary as much as I can, and I have filled several books. I think everyone should keep a diary/journal of some sort.


Nothing. At times it is nice to just sit and think about nothing.
Noodles!! They go nicely with bolognaise on top!

Oranges. How do people live who don't like fruit?
Organization. I love to be organized. (The photo is an example of the wrong way of thinking about it... !)


Orchards full of fruit. Mmm.
Onions to spice up dishes.
Omelets. (How come all these O's seem to be food oriented?)

People! I love being around people.
Painting and paintbrushes and palletes. There, that's a nice lot of P words, isn't that?
Presents. Packages and parcels are so exciting.


Potatoes. Especially fried potatoes.
Peacocks and peaches and photographs and paddocks and picnics and pictures and pie and prayer and playing tunes on various instruments and pluralization and praise and poppies and poetry and pleasure and pineapple and pirouettes and pepper and perfume and parsley and patterns and parks and papaya and platters (especially of chocolate biscuits)... where do I start? Where do I end?

Quince. It is surprising how many people have not tasted quince before! Stewed quince is surprisingly delicious.
Quartets and quintets.


Questions in quizzes.
Quiet. It's very refreshing, particularly when you notice the noise a lot after coming home from camp!

And I will be back soon with part 4 in the series. Until then, keep safe, have fun and may the Lord bless you greatly.

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