Sunday, 26 January 2014

My 26 Thankfulnesses (4)

How are you all doing? I am not posting very regularly at present... sorry... please excuse me. I have a lot on my plate at the moment, including schoolwork, lots of hours working (the managers have lots of people away at the moment so need me more often than usual) and trying to keep up with day-to-day activities. So that's why I am posting somewhat erratically!

Before I continue my 26 Thankfulnesses post, make sure you have read numbers one, two and three.

Radishes. They taste like nothing else! They are also so fresh and red and white and cute. :)
Roses. :)
Rainbows - not only are they beautiful, when we see them we are reminded of God's promises.
Relationships. With God, with others, with yourself.
Rest. Sometimes it is nice to rest in Jesus. It is always nice to rest in Jesus.
Really cute little siblings and doggies!

Supremely Sensational Sunsets.

Songs to worship and glorify God
Sandwiches. Yummy. Especially with tomato and cucumber and butter and lots of pepper and salt.
Schoolwork, to enhance our brains.
Seahorses. They are so fascinating.
Soup. :)
Scissors to cut things with.

Teddy bears, I am not ashamed to say that I own one. He's really cute. His name is Theodore but I call him Teddy for short.
Telephones. They certainly make life easier!
Thank yous. Just the ability to tell someone "thanks" is awesome.
Turtles. So cute!

Teenagers. It's an awesome time of life.
Templates for various things.
Thick bars of chocolate. :)

Umbrellas that save you from getting wet.
Unity. Unity between friends and families is a wonderful thing. When I am a leader on a camp I always pray hard for unity between all the leaders. It's awesome!
Unicorns. Did you know that the narwhal is a whale that looks like a unicorn?

Vehicles to drive us places. (The photo is of our car.)

Vacuum cleaners. While it is a chore to vacuum, it is a lot easier to do that than take up the carpets and wash them every so often like the people in the olden days had to do!
The Vibrancy of colours. God has made a wonderful world for us to live in.
Visitors to have fun with!
Vanilla flavouring and vanilla icecream.

Farewell until I post again!


  1. I like your blog, Bonnie. What a fantastic encouragement to think of things to be thankful for. It certainly gives us a more joyful outlook on life when we take a moment to be thankful. Blessings, Mrs Fawcett

    1. Hi Mrs Fawcett! Thank you for commenting! I am enjoying doing this series of posts and being thankful. :) It's giving me a different perspective and I am hopeful that my blog readers are finding that too.


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