Thursday, 16 January 2014

My 26 Thankfulnesses

This is going to be one of those annoying "Part 1 of" posts. In this case, it is part 1 of 5.

I titled it My 26 Thankfulnesses. Why? Well, you'll see. How? You'll see that too, hopefully!

Partly because I missed GreaThings, and partly because it's a neat thing to do, I'm going through the alphabet and thanking God for at least one thing beginning with each letter. (You're probably thinking that at X I'm gong to be thanking God for x-rays, but just wait and see!)

Being in mind that this is a Part 1 of 5 post, and bearing in mind that I am currently away and this is a scheduled post, why don't you comment heaps, tell me how awesome the idea is, and give me a wonderful surprise for when I get back??? (Just an idea!)

Apples to crunch. Particularly granny smith apples. So yummy!

Alphabet. I wouldn't be writing this without the use of the alphabet.

Abbie, my sister. What a blessing family is.
Art. Drawing, painting and music generally fit under this label! I thank the Lord for all of them.
Animals to cuddle :) Especially cute ones :)

Blessings. My blog is Bonnie's Blessings, you know! I'm thankful for each and every one of them.
Ben, my brother. What a blessing family is.
Babies. Babies!! Ours is due in 4 weeks!! Can't wait!
Ballet. Although I do not still take ballet, I enjoy dancing and stretching (yes, I do enjoy stretching) and pretending I am a ballerina. You may think me weird. I love it.
Bicycles to ride. They are certainly faster than walking.

Chocolate... where would I be without chocolate....

Caleb, my brother. What a blessing family is.
Clocks to mark time. Clocks were a timely invention.
Concrete to hold things up. Otherwise things would fall down.

Danella, my sister. What a blessing family is.
Dad, my Dad. Nobody else's Dad. Father. Daddy.
Dictionaries to tell you words. I find them very helpful, particularly in Scrabble!

Dolphins - they are so smooth! I love dolphins. When we were in Australia I got to touch one. Awesome experience!
Ducks, just because we need two 'D' animals. :) And ducks are cute. :)
Daylight to light up the day. If it was nighttime all the time it could get annoying pretty quick!

Earth itself. Life could not exist on any other planet.

Eggs to bake and eat. Yum, yum :)
Elaboration. I love to elaborate.
Echoes. Don't you just find echoes so fascinating?
Eternity to spend with Jesus!

And I'll be back (well, I won't be, but the post will) in two days time with another 5 (or 6 maybe) thankfulnesses. Just think how much I'm enjoying camp at the moment!! :P Have a great camp-less day. :)


  1. Hey, life isn't all about camp! Working can be just as fun - and when you're dealing with the public in a library, it's even better :)
    Clocks: yes, essential! If I forget to put my watch on, I go around stressing about not knowing what the time is :)

    1. I know life isn't all about camp... I'm just trying to make you jealous. So kind of me. You're welcome. :P

      Lol... I just reread what I wrote then and I realised that sounds really mean!! Sorry!!

      The watch thing is definitely valuable. I wear my watch 24/7! In fact, when I take it off, it looks really funny because I have this reaaaally obvious tan line on my wrist where my watch goes. My arm is brown, then there is this white stripe through it!! My watch is as much part of me as clothes are!


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