Saturday, 5 October 2013

Things that say a lot about people

Post idea credit goes to Sayna's post:

Things that say a lot about people:

what articles are in their purse/bag
and what size it is.
the way they wear their hair (style and length)
what their handwriting looks like
how they respond to awkward situations
if they eat (lots) fruits and vegetables
if they enjoy British TV shows
the way they deal with small children
whether or not they smile at strangers
if they keep a grocery list (and use it)

I. What articles are in my purse/bag? Well, I must confess that I don't often carry a purse or bag. If I do, it usually just carries my lip balm, possibly my ipod or a book depending if I need something to fill my time? Otherwise I just stuff a handkerchief in my pocket and go. :) I'm quite casual when it comes to that sort of thing. :)

II. What size it is? I usually borrow Abbie's bag - it's a blue one with gold patterns and has a shoulder strap. But I hardly ever use a bag.

III. They way I wear my hair. Well, it is dead straight and goes down to just below my shoulder blades and just will NOT grow any longer! I would give a lot for long, wavy hair. If I want it wavy I wet it and leave it in a plait overnight, but otherwise I normally leave it out long during the day or have it in a plait or ponytail or low bun. Depends really. I'm casual when it comes to this, too!

IV. What my handwriting looks like... well.... um..... I am known for smallish neat writing, but I can actually mimic other people's writing quite well, so I've been told. :P I enjoy using all sorts of different writing styles, you should see my diary! Every page I use different writing depending on my mood. Normally it's quite neat and easy to read, but reasonably scrawly if I'm in a hurry.

V. How I respond to awkward situations.... of course it depends on what it is. If it is majorly embarrassing, I turn red and wish I was under the floor. :) Lol. If it is minorly embarrassing, I blush and mumble apologies. :) But if it is just plain awkward then I sometimes shuffle my feet and wonder what to say.

VI. If I eat lots of fruit and veges. Well, our family eats a LARGE amount of fruit!!! I could, personally, eat 5 apples a day if I wanted to. :) Of course, I am not that extravagant but I do love apples! And all other fruit. I love persimmons too. Mmmm. And vegetables? Yup, I eat lots. :) I love veges too.

VII. If I enjoy British TV shows.... I guess so! I can't think of any off the top of my head apart from Mr Bean... You've got to love Mr Bean. :) We don't watch many tv shows at all, not even Masterchef which we used to watch. And I love, as Sayna said, Chariots of Fire. That movies is amazing.

VIII. The way I deal with small children. Hmm. Well, growing up in a big family I've learnt that you've always got to be patient. If you get angry then the small child will get angry. But if you are happy and smiley then everyone else will inevitably smile too! Moods are contagious. Small children love being carted around with you if you are doing something. Just piggybacking them around while you shut all the windows in the house, that sort of thing. I love being with my little siblings. They are so fun to be around.

IX. Whether or not I smile at strangers. I try not to scowl at them, of course!!! They would think me pretty weird if I did. Lol. :P Anyway, if they look like they need a smile, then I smile at them. It definitely helps make the world sunnier. :)

X. If I keep a grocery list and use it. I just use the family one. I don't have one of my own! If I'm cooking and find we're out of something, I stick it down on the list and we buy it next time we go grocery shopping. That is the best method. I'll definitely do that when I'm older in my home, too. :)

Oh, and isn't this photo cute!!! :)


  1. Ha,ha Mr. Bean is certainly funny. :) I enjoyed reading this post, Bonnie!

    1. And I enjoyed stealing it from you.... :) :)


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