Sunday, 2 August 2015

A + A // Toothpaste In My Hair

- When you strategically position all your hair over your shoulders so you can brush your teeth, then after about four seconds it flops back over to your front again. And gets toothpaste all over it.
- Trying to hastily decide if the urge to hiccup or cough is more desperate, so you pick one, only, it was the wrong choice, so you end up doing both at once.
- Managing to smash the family's food processor. Good one, Bonnie.
- Trying to convince yourself that you don't desperately need the chocolate sitting tantalisingly in your drawer.
- Snapping open a glow stick and having it burst and squirt straight into your eye. Definitely not the cleverest thing I've ever done. Rather painful too, I might add.
- Being pushed out of your comfort zone. I know, it's good for me, and I'm very glad I got pushed out of my comfort zone, but that doesn't mean it's particularly comfortable at the time.
- Becoming well known in your family for saying entertaining things at the dinner table when you're sick.
- Pouring out the tea while on morning tea duty after Church. And running out of tea. So you make a very un-dignified rush to the cupboard, locate more teabags and fill the pot up with boiling water in front of your queue of people who are waiting for hot drinks.

- Hot water bottles. 'Nuff said.
- Looking through old family photo albums. We were so cute when we were little... :)
- A quiet evening with a hot cup of lemon and honey, a great book, a lazy boy chair (that one of the other siblings hasn't bagged) and a cute dog asleep next to you = a happy Bonnie!

- Having absolutely amazing friends who encourage you and stick with you no matter what. 
- Coming home from camp and getting sick with a nasty flu the day after. No really, it was truly awesome, because I'm forever grateful I didn't get sick on camp! 
- Watching a movie that isn't the sort of movie you'd normally watch, because your friends convinced you to watch it (don't worry, it wasn't against any of our boundaries or anything) and being pleasantly surprised by how much you enjoyed it.
- Philippians 4:24
- Getting lots of useful practice writing poems. (And when I say lots, I mean absolutely lots.)
- Playing Scrabble and winning by over a hundred points. Scrabble is a good game.

Do you like playing Scrabble?
Do you appreciate it when you get pushed out of your comfort zone?
What's been awkward or awesome about your week? Do share!
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  1. I like playing Scrabble, but I'm not sure if it's more fun to win by a lot or just by a little! My average score in Words With Friends is 297 points.
    Contra dancing was awesome. I wasn't looking forward to it that much, but I'm glad I went!
    Awkward: loading the huge crate of pipes too far forward on the trailer, and having it scrape the back of the truck (my boss's truck!) if I turned too sharply! Fortunately it only hit the wooden tailgate.

    1. That's a good point! It can be fun to win by a little. Keeps the game suspenseful. :)
      I'm not sure if that's a good score or not.. lol... I'm sure it is a great score. I don't play computer games generally. :)
      Contra dancing was pretty fun, wasn't it. I always enjoy it greatly.
      That is awkward. Fortunately for you it didn't scrape the truck!
      Thanks for commenting.


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